Good job Mitsuo

In Persona 4, Shadow Mitsuo is one of the most annoying bosses in the game. Not only he acts twice per turn, but he builds up a barrier named “Mitsuo The Hero” with a shitload of HP you need to take down before damaging him. Once the barrier is down, he casts Stagnant Air, a skill greatly raising the success rate of status ailments and then uses said ailments. After taking a certain amount of damage, the barrier is recreated and you have to take it down again.

Because of this, I was rather curious of how the anime adaptation would present this battle in the episode 12. The game is massive and the anime tends to rush events and S.Links in order to fit in the designated episodes number, which causes party members to barely do anything most of the time during the trips inside the TV.

Let’s just say that Shadow Mitsuo was a pleasant surprise. He starts with a creepy psychological attack and really requires much to be defeated, exactly like in the game. Now, this raises expectations for the Heaven and Magatsu Mandala parts.


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