Shop Clouts and Mechas

I’m not dead, just sick so I’m wasting my time watching anime and dramatic readings of My Immortal. Nevertheless, I took the time to write a simple script: Shop Clouts. Anybody who played Romancing SaGa should know what it’s about, but if you haven’t, this basically allows you to create networks of shops belonging to the same group. Here’s a screenie:

In-game Example

And it's compatible with YF Ace Shop Options.

Don’t forget to check out Yanfly’s Lunatic State Package Protection, Yami’s Pop Message (an add-on for YF’s Ace Message Engine) and Ness latest Ralph and Alice materials.

On other things, I’ve never been a fan of mechas. Evangelion was rather depressing and not very enjoyable to me. Gundam series are, well, very predictable and full of narm (again, just a personal opinion). In any case, I’ve decided to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan, which, like Eva, has been made by Gainax. Note that I have no inherent problem with Gainax: I’ve disliked Eva, but greatly enjoyed FLCL and to a lesser extent, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
So, what about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan? Objectively, the plot is nonsensical, the animation quality varies, the 4th episode has a totally different art style altogether and the symbolic weapon is a drill. Yes, a drill.
Moreover, the laws of physics, biology and pretty much everything else are non-existent, replaced by the Rule of Cool: everything can work if it’s awesome and badass enough.

Despite how negative I sound, the enthusiasm and hot-bloodiness of all the characters is very contagious and I ended up watching the 27 episodes in a row, only interrupted by work and sleep. It can be pretty funny sometimes too, like for instance, in this scene:

And let’s face it, there is Yoko too ❤


Oh, and you might note that I changed the theme of the blog. That’s because I didn’t like how it was managing pingbacks and trackbacks.


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