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So I spent the whole week wondering what the hell I can script now (and playing Yosuga no Sora with a partial English patch – except some kind of review once I finish it) and honestly, I’m starting to run out of ideas. Sadly. So, if anybody here has some nice ones, I’d appreciate it.

But please, don’t ask me to make you a menu or a specific battle system. I’m referring to scripts that could be overall useful, not scripts only useful to you.


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  1. Oh really? How ’bout this:

    “The ability to equip items into equipment slots. Should hopefully be compatible with Ace Equip Engine”.

    • That’s… actually a pretty nice concept. Needs a little refining here and there, but definitely interesting. I think I’m going to work on this. 😀

      Thanks a bunch.

      • For that and the Grathnode/Synthesis scripts you’ll want to make instances of each piece of equipment so that they’re unique to that particular item (I.E. Long Sword A has Haste while Long Sword B has Poison Strike and Vampire)

        • Tbh, I thought about it before, but it’s pretty damn complicated. It requires to change how the items are handled as a whole and in terms of compatibility… urgh.

          Still, I guess I’ll try anyway.

  2. Make a distribute parameter system…To be honest, I don’t think about anything new but…There are SOO many scripts in web…
    a skill tree system?
    a weapon improvement system…
    a quest system…

  3. 1. You can also create a script that allows a skill to have multiple skill-types =P. I kinda want that badly.

    2. How about a cool Seasons system, complete with a:
    2a. Days and a Day/Night system that affects what monsters appear in either Day/Night and even Season. Events on the map can sort of morph into other events when the season changes.
    2b. Put a random weather system in there too. Hm, this would be one complex script with possible compatibility issues.

    3. Maybe a card game?

    4. An Item Disassemble Shop.

    5. FFXII’s License Board System- I know someone did it for VX, but there was a lot of compatibility issues. This might work well with YF’s JP system.

    6. Although I can event it, a trophy/achievement =P system might be cool.

    7. A morphing system, where an actor, when used a skill successfully against a monster, can now select that monster from a list, with other monsters that he had done before, and morph into it, limited to that monster’s abilities, but the stats are unaffected by the morph.
    This was an idea I had for years that I plan to use sometime in the future.

    8. A weight system:
    8a. Formula that calculates the average party level, and multiplies it by the amount of ‘bags’ the party has, lol, and stores that in a max-capacity variable.
    8b. Must set each item’s weight [[weight 5]]. Must set the % modifier for the types of ‘bags’ that the party can have in inventory. [[capacity +40%]]
    8c. If total item carrying weight exceeds max-capacity (maxcap – totalweight), it not only prevents Dashing on map, but it increases the chance of surprise/back-attacks. It also significantly reduces party’s AGI based on that value (maxcap – totalweight).


    • Oh yes, there are good ideas there too. 1, 7 and 8 – completely gonna work on them.


      • Lol, glad to share.
        If you decide not to credit me for the ideas (-__-) I kinda want it at least for #7….please. That one’s kinda my sweetums for a long time, ^_^

        I can probably come up with more deep ideas like 7 & 8 on the spot, but I think you’ve had your fill for now.
        Anytime Kread-Ex.

  4. 1.

    Actor merge. Where traits/skills between two actors are merged into a single list, and the actor becomes a 3rd actor with different stats.

    OPS: Allowing a menu to merge the actors, and also choose the amount of skills, traits, etc. allowed to sent into the 3rd actor.


    Actor switch-in effects. Mostly a follow up with Yanfly’s Command Party which allows switching in of actors, special effects occur (probably in the form of skills) in order to stimulate more actor variance, rather than having a cookie-cutter team play throughout the whole game.


    Run common event after new synthesis.

  5. I have one thing that doesn’t seem to be possible with YEA and that I would love to have. Let’s simply call it “summoning” or “continuous skills”. What a want to do is summon a bestia/GF/companion/… that uses one skill out of a determined pool of skills every round. So, you summon it and it fights on its own with you. I’d like to bind this on-going skill effect (which no more it is, actually) to a status the summoner gets by summoning, so that it can be stopped easily, for example if the summoner dies.

  6. How about the Riviera Minigames? 😀

    • I have no idea what it is Nessy ;_;

      • As I recall, the minigames in Riviera were just things like:

        – ‘button mash to fill the empty meter in the allotted time’

        – ‘time your button press to match with the designated line marker in the allotted time(Tidus’ Overdrive Minigame basically)

        – ‘enter the button combination in the allotted time(Auron’s Overdrive minigame basically)’

        – …And whatever else I may be forgetting.

        They were generally used when you ran into a field trap, or a booby trapped chest in order to determine your outcome and it got harder, the later in the game you were.

        Not very unique to Riviera in the end, actually!

  7. How about a experience bonus decay? Like the more monsters of the same kind you kill, the less experience you can get from them.

    Just a thought to cut down the ability to power level. Sometimes I rather kill enemies to farm items instead of unintentionally getting too strong for the game.

  8. How about a “Day time system” that linked with a day & night
    system so that when a full day & night pass it counts as 1 DAY…

    This to be used as a limiter to quest or trigger for events, for

    You find a random guy in a random town, talk to him and he says
    something is gonna happen on day 5 or that someone went somewhere
    and might arrive his detination in 2 days.

    And maybe if it’s not much of a petition and if you’re interested
    insert sasons as well so that things like this happen:

    “Certain enemies only spawn on crtain days of a certain season”

    Example: Driads on days 5 to 10 of fall.

  9. I got a couple ideas:

    First, a jump with input button. Just a simple jump of one or two tiles should suit most people who want to add a little extra something to there game without needing a ton of customization. I bet it is probably more complicated with all the tile setting you can do now.

    Second, I was thinking a script that made it so that damage would be reduced with each use of a skill by maybe 1-5% in a single battle. This would force the player to use a variety of skills in battle instead of that one really badass one over and over again until the enemy was toast. Maybe it could have a limit of how much it can reduce damage (like 50% or something).

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