Eric is the new Dark King!

Destroy those puny wisps with the power of darkness! (insert evil laugh)

This script allows you to use skills to transform into a given enemy. The parameters and traits remain unchanged but the morphed characters can use the full skill pattern of their new form. It’s compatible with the DBS and YF Battle Engine (I can’t say for sure for every add-on however).

Speaking of Yanfly, today he gave us Convert Damage, a system often used in Atelier series to make “vampiric” types of attacks.

A few days ago, Ramiro buffed up his new battle system with Cooperation Skills!

Another thing, I noticed in the blog stats a growing amount of visitors using Google Translate to view the site in Japanese. Google’s performance being what it is, if one of you speak Japanese and English good enough and are willing to translate the pages, tell me and I’ll setup an account for you.


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  1. changing the parameters and traits with in the script too challenging for vx ace? Is that why they are unchanged?
    A while back, before vx came out i had this game idea where the character was a werewolf that was aware of their power but was unable to control it. when their health droped too low they transformed and all their stats increased 50 fold until the end of the battle.
    That only happened when they didn’t control their power, which was going to be half of the game. alas no one could help me with a script.

    • No it’s because the person who gave me the idea only wanted the skills. I guess I could add the option to trade the class traits with the enemy’s traits. But not the parameters – it would be just too unbalanced.

      • The traits add-on would be really great!!!

      • I know it has been awhile since anyone has left a comment, however I was wondering if anything has been done about the option to trade the class traits with the enemy’s.

        This script works wonderfully for what I need it for, however the only problem that I am running across is that I cannot change my character’s class based on the morph it acquired from the enemy. Each of my enemies has a class that gives them their moves based on what level they are. It would not be such a headache if my game did not require me to have so many different enemies.

        If there was a way to change the actor’s class to the class of the selected morph, that would be amazing.

  2. Pretty nice! 🙂 But just out of curiosity: Have you considered realising my idea I posted when you asked for inspiration? Just for me to know if I can look forward to it or have to ask someone else. 🙂

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