Don’t ask about the title, it was that or “Yay I managed to shake of my laziness”. Haven’t posted anything in a week, and it’s not because I worked on something amazing, just that I couldn’t be bothered to.

In any case, I wrote an unusual battle script which you probably won’t find very useful. It was originally an idea from infamous bon bon and I thought it was interesting in a way… so I made it. Check for yourself, it’s called Skill Decay. No screen-shots for it, as the effect is not visual at all.

More interesting things:

  • Yanfly continues to script like there’s no tomorrow – now it’s a New Game Plus. That or he has an army of ghost writers enslaved with his hypnotic sukusuku hakutaku. But I digress.
  • After Rick, Isabelle and Brenda, Nessiah gives us Terrence and Ernest.
  • Yami is polishing up his ATB add-ons and should release a CTB system sooner or later.
  • Noob is making fun of the RM community. Before you go and let out your condescending snarl “he’s using meme, that’s lame”, let me tell you that he hits the nail on the head on a lot of common behaviors.
  • My dog is lapping my cocoa cup. But that’s a completely different subject.

This one made me laugh:

One of noob's comics

I’ll try to be less lame next time ;_;


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I code. And try to make games.

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