EXP Stuff

Mook to Godhood

I’ve written two small scripts related to experience and both have been requested by people. EXP Bag, requested by Tobyej, allows you to make your skills or items give EXP points. EXP Decay is, as the title implies, pretty much the same as Skill Decay but with experience. Basically, the more you kill an enemy, the less experience you’ll get. Time to go train elsewhere, champ!

Other interesting news:


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I code. And try to make games.

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  1. I may get hate comments for this, but did Chuck Norris ever stop being a Mook?

    • Lol I don’t say anything about that but you might be dead soon :S
      Iit was great to met you, lol

    • Well he’s one of the very few Western Aikido grandmasters in real life, which means he’s certainly very skilled.
      Now, his brother’s movies (where he acts a lot) suck donkey balls and don’t get me started on Walker Texas Rangers.

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