RM2k3 Goodness

Yay Alex!

Drawn by Dudesoft over at RMN.

Today I give you two 2k/2k3 inspired scripts. The first, Scroll Map Wait, is extremely simple but (to me at least) very useful when panning the screen. It simply allows you to wait until after the map has finished scrolling before the rest of the event proceeds. Never understood why Enterbrain did not include this function in XP and later makers.
The second script, Tile Swap, is more complicated and also pretty much useless but I wanted to do it regardless. Basically, it allows you to swap certain tiles with others in the tileset, on a certain map. It’s easier to create a second map, but it seemed like a good idea at first, drowned into the Nostalgia filter. Oh well.


More new things:

  • Yanfly is way too productive for me to remember what exactly he did, so let’s just take the first on his blog: Diagonal Scroll. Now you can pan the screen diagonally by queuing vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Craze, the RMN resident supervillain, has released Extra Enemy Actions, a script raising the efficiency of Ace’s default bonus actions.
  • Noob is still on his raging rampage with comics destined to make artists cry, cry and cry again…

See you next time, cowboy!


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