Katawa Shoujo: Emi’s Route

Sorry to not have posted a script in a while. Was busy with various thing, I have hobbies outside of RPG Maker after all. I’ll post one anyways tomorrow or Monday – an equipment enchanting script – once it’s completed. For now, let’s speak eroge.

I had planned to start this VN for quite a while but still needed to finish Josou Sanmyaku first. You know, the “Trap Heaven” game.

For those who have never heard of this before, it’s a Western visual novel and its birthplace is more or less 4chan. You shouldn’t let this bother you, though. It’s good. Like, really good. The story revolves around Hisao, a high school student with a heart defect (most likely, Long QT syndrome) who ends up transferring to a school for disabled people. He’s very bitter about it though he ends up making friends… and more.

The game is freeware and you can download it here: http://katawa-shoujo.com/index.php.

I just finished Emi’s route, so it’s the one I’m going to rant about now.

Emi has no legs. No matter your mindset, this is the first thing you will notice. That, and the fact she’s immensely cute and adorable.

Meet Cute

The first meeting with Emi. Rather typical of dating sims, but for Hisao, it could be fatal.

Because of Hisao’s heart condition, the school’s nurse strongly recommends him to practice regular physical exercise and this leads him to frequent the track. He will then learn that Emi is an excellent runner and trains every day; eventually Hisao will decide to join her (or more precisely, being coerced into joining) for morning practice.

Running Partners

He didn't really have a choice in the matter. Can you blame him?

Emi is incredibly cheery and energetic. Something that strikes me in visual novels generally is that, every time a character has health problems (not necessarily to the point of disability either) it’s always extremely dramatized and becomes the defining trait of the character. For instance, as much as I enjoyed ef, Chihiro’s only defining trait is her anterograde amnesia. The same way, Suichi has a deadly heart disease, and he angst over it like crazy, to the point he’s actually preparing his death – the whole thing becomes the center of his life on Mizuki’s route.
Nothing like that in Katawa Shoujo, at least on Emi’s route. She definitely has problems because she has no legs and she’s a runner, but when you think about it, her problems are pretty much the same as normal athletes – wounds. The whole disability thing is treated very respectfully, as I had read both on TvTropes and on Rukaora’s blog.

Track Meeting

The track meeting. Emi really aces the competition.

Day after day, Emi and Hisao keep practicing and eventually start dating. It’s a pretty happy and fulfilling relationship but Hisao can’t help but notice that a clear distance is kept between them, distance that Emi doesn’t seem to want to lose. Pained at the idea to be just a fuck buddy, Hisao tries to get closer to her… and whether he succeeds or not is up to the choices you make.
At first, I got the bad ending, and ended being completely ditched after a fight. A rather clear and concise bad end, but very heart-wrenching.

In short, I got attached to the characters quickly which is a definite positive for this kind of product. Really enjoyed Emi’s route and I’ll give you my impressions on the others upon completion~


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  1. I’ve just started playing/reading this one as well and though I believe I haven’t reached the beginning of any route yet, it’s been feeling … natural and all good to me. Definitely keep playing/reading this one since you seem to be really enjoying it too 😉

    P/S: Yami told me he didn’t like eroges that involve disability and stuff so I can’t really see why he likes this blog post 😉

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