Sandal would like to make an announcement


He does.

I’ve made an enchantment script. It isn’t perfect, but I like to think of it as the child of Alchemic Synthesis and Grathnode Install. Check it out if you’re interested~

  • Nessiah released Natalie’s bust shots! As usual, her work is top quality.
  • Erangot is having fun with Happy Field’s new Decoration script.
  • You probably noticed already but Noob closed down the RPG Maker Rage comics. I found them entertaining most of the time so I think it sucks.

About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. Noob is gone! Where will I get my daily amount of lulz now? D:
    Recent endafy drama would have made wonderful source material.

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