More enchantment goodness

Unique rune example.

Firstly, I present you the version 1.04 of Runic Enchantment: now you can lock runes to be only used on weapons or armors as well as create a type of “unique” rune – as, only one can be inscribed on your equipment piece.

Secondly, for those who wanted this, I have written a compatibility patch for Fomar0153′ Individual Equipment, therefore allowing you to enchant differently the same piece.

Now, for other RM news:

  • Yanfly temporarily stopped scripting. He managed to attain his goal consisting of releasing one script per day until the English version of Ace, so a huge round of applause is in order. This makes a total of 106 scripts!
  • Yami started a new engine series, named Guardian Series. He also updated his Patch system with a fake patch detection. Woot!

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  1. The Attendee

    Awesome! I liked this system in DA and love it in my game. 🙂

  2. Thunderkiity

    Wait what do you mean by “therefore allowing you to enchant differently the same piece”? does that mean if you equip more than one rune it makes a different affect? Cuz thats what I’m looking for lol
    EX: a fire rune and an earth rune gives u lava effects or something i donno lol

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