Totori is back!

Totori: Badass Mode

And she's going to kick your ass.

Okay, maybe not after all. I’ve finally updated the Alchemic Synthesis script to version 2.0. There’s no new feature except the EXP gain but the code has been seriously revamped to be cleaner and more stable. The standard version is also easier to use but for those who want the same level of control on the trait creation, there is an add-on: Advanced Trait Manager. The Synthesis Shop has also been updated with bugfixes and compatibility fixes.

Both the standard version and the advanced version have demos now. Oh, and there’s a small additional feature for Reynard Frost but he should be able to find it himself :3

There may be bugs but the whole system is much more stable than the previous version. This was the number one priority, as this script was after all my first attempt at coding for Ace.

Now that the base script is clean don’t hesitate to suggest new gameplay features. And to report bugs too.


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. Your text is a little hard to read maybe you should try other fonts so it won’t look so chopy. and how can I get my wordpress on your friends list?

  2. I doesn’t look chopy or hard to read to me. Maybe it’s your settings?

  3. The image caption font color (and other text with the same color) could use to be darker. I need to buy a premium account to do it though.

    how can I get my wordpress on your friends list?

    By posting content that makes me want to add you I guess.

  4. Kread is so Epic XD
    And wow, you have 41,515 views all the time, nearly 50,000 XD

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