David Guetta lulz

David Ghetto

Made by a guy named Konbini.

Click on CC to activate the subtitles if they’re not showing. This always makes me laugh, even if it’s a bit silly. I remember meeting him once in a Parisian club back in 2004 and while I wouldn’t call him a musician – he likes calling himself that even if he’s just a DJ – he’s not that bad either.

Unrelated note: I won’t release any new script for a while, because I’m working on a complex system :3


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. LOL…A…Duck? welll…that’s…just…LOL
    Complex system? I can’t wait to see it :3.
    An Mana Khemia AP system that is an add-on for Alchemic Sythesis Maybe(It sure will Kick Asses xD) ;P

  2. John Saddington

    Reblogged this on 8BIT.

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