I’m not dead

Haven’t posted anything in a month, and haven’t read any comment in over a week. I’m sorry, but I’m just busy and it will stay like this for another week or two.
So, don’t freak out if I don’t reply to your bug report or any other question. I’ll read your problems when I’ll be in situation to say something else other than “Deal with it”.

So, meanwhile, “Deal with it” indeed.


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. That’s cool and all I’m kind of a noob at Ruby code. (more like fully incompetent for the most part) But I had 2 ideas and hey this may help you and I would not lie it will help me since I’m using this as my foundation of the core game play. (I’m using ace BTW) I know a lot about events but sadly these thing I’m asking I can’t seem to find a suitable work around since most involve a shop.

    Well one idea I had was I wanted Dark Soul like stat building system where I could have sell able Permanent instant power ups that will increases in price more you buy them by a percentage and it will obviously need a cap with the script.

    This other idea I had was to use a shop as job/quest giving shop but the problem lies with making the item be able to be bought once.after that I can wrap a event around them an be fine

    Best rearguards Jason/DDay

  2. I’ve been playing Xenoblade…so…it’s all good. Glad to hear you’re still alive though. ;P

  3. Hope to see you around IRC eventually again ~

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