A small update

So, Chaoss17 (and other’s) request is completed and Runic Enchantment now puts equipped items in the enchant window. If you’re using the Individual Equipment patch, you need to download both scripts again, as the patch handles equipment differently from the main system.

Have any of you played Tears to Tiara? Didn’t find the game that good personally, but I somehow liked Lector – despite being a classic white-haired bishônen, he’s creepy as hell. And his theme, too…

Too bad he’s so easy to beat…


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  1. I played it but I never finished it. I think it could fill a void though, if you were in the mood for a tactical game with lots of female characters. I thought the custom character stuff was kind of interesting, especially in a game like this, from a developer like this. I never played the second one either. It didn’t quite grab me like Utawarerumono did though. Some mix of the two with some tweaks would probably be fantastic. Perhaps when Utawarerumono 2 comes out someday.

  2. Try Meister alchemist Kamidori ^^ The story isn’t good as Tears to Tiara or Utawarerumono but the systems are… much more developpend than in Totorie 🙂

  3. TheChancellor

    How goes the new Animated Battlers script?

  4. Thought I heard this song before. To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers has an arrangement of this song (PSP version only). Seems like they rearranged a lot of music from previous titles for it. To bad there isn’t an OST available for it.

  5. I love Tears to Tiara! I’m glad you played it too. SFsafsdfdsa The story of that novel is beautiful. I like it better than Utwarerumono because it has a better cast, the OST is amazing and just wow.

  6. a nit off topic XD you really are a great scripter 🙂 im now a total fan of your script 🙂

    if maybe you have some time it would be awesome if you can make a script similar to suikoden ii runes system 🙂

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