Might and Magic is mean to me :<


That’s Larry Elmore for you.

Once upon a time (last week) I felt like playing the glorious game Might and Magic VI again and was very aggravated upon realizing it doesn’t work on my computer (ok, this is an old game). So I made this script to vent my frustration D:
It’s the Ace version of the spell Lloyd’s Beacon. Hope you’ll like it.

By the way, I also updated Animated Battlers to the version 1.01, to fix a compatibility issue with Banish Skills.


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. Hot and spicy! As usual. =]

  2. Thanks man, love your work.

  3. THAT GAME. I still have it sitting on my bookshelf. Never finished it, though I got as far as Sweetwater. I ran Knight, Archer, Cleric, Sorc (and I named the cleric Wayne because he looked like Wayne from Wayne’s World).

    Awesome work, and thanks for the memories!

    • Sweetwater is near the end man. The Kreegan’s hive is pretty much all you have to do afterwards, and it’s kind of an annoying part.
      I finished the game several times with different classes but my fav run was with 4 Sorcs (because Shrapnel lol). Always have one Sorc with the default face named Zoltan hahaha.

      Yeah, I made this script for the memories. You can easily event it in fact, aside from the thumbnails I guess.

  4. You can get the M&M games from gog.com (Thats Good Old Games) for a few bucks and they will play on window 7.

  5. Might and Magic VI was neat, rather enjoyed it even though it’s so cruel and throws 30000 enemies at you at once. Might and Magic X is on the way for this year though, dunno how it’ll turn out but I hope good. My parties lately tended to be something like Archer, Druid, Sorceror, Sorceror, for maximum Sparks-ability. I abuse the spell sparks. 4 MP for a fair amount of damage spread out among 7 hits that you toss for incoming enemies, all for it. And yes, Lloyds Beacon and Town portal are nice too, once you get those you don’t need to worry so much about healing, just set a beacon to a temple and to where you are and restore your HPs/MPs for 40 Gold unless you’re in the Hive.

    I would hate the Hive but frankly I thought Castle Darkmoor, Castle Alamos, Temple of Varn, and the Control Center are even worse. They’re evil in ways modern games wouldn’t dream of doing.

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