Cool things people do with events

Just wanted to share some little event systems made by Titanhex:

Fancy Shop
This makes the player actively select an item on the map to buy it. Not sure if it wouldn’t become a bit bothersome in the long run (for player and developer alike) but still, that’s pretty cool.

Furniture selector
Another clever use of events to let you change the furniture of a room.

Hunger and Thirst
I’ll be frank, I can’t stand these systems. Hell I have enough trouble managing my own bodily functions when I’m deeply immersed in a RPG, so the last thing I need is having to manage my character’s bodily functions. In any case, this is the kind of things people tend to request scripts for a lot, and as you can see, it’s perfectly doable without.

Grapple Hook
An event system replicating the famous grapple hook from the old Zelda games. This one used to be quite popular on RM2k games.

Doesn’t it make you want to create some badass systems with events?

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  1. I do like event systems. They are nice, in that, you can tailor them to what you want most of the time without needing to learn scripting or bugging scripters with requests.

  2. A series of unfortunate clicks may have led to me accidentally reporting this as mature, but then everything froze up, so I don’t know if it happened. Sorry if this causes problems and if there is some way to fix it, let me know how and I will do so.

    • Normally you need to confirm and enter an explanation message. But even if it was reported, WordPress staff will just review the blog a bit that’s all.

      No worries.

  3. I always find it lovely to see people making an effort in publishing interesting and hopefully well-polished event systems.
    Maybe it’s due to my ever present fondness for eventing.

  4. The power of eventing is beautiful and immense with some brain power and a little bit of work. XD Really like the on-map select idea, very cool indeed.

  5. I like events but he problem is the lag when you put too much event on a map 😦

  6. titanhex is a genius eventer :D. i’m amazed on all his works. there’s even fishing system, character creation, etc.

    btw… i wrote a script to make eventer work easier. i think using that script could potentially reduced the amount of switches usage. and easier to control. if you’re interested try
    googling : est – simple event.

    basically it’s like label and go to label but for pages instead.

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