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Might and Magic is mean to me :<


That’s Larry Elmore for you.

Once upon a time (last week) I felt like playing the glorious game Might and Magic VI again and was very aggravated upon realizing it doesn’t work on my computer (ok, this is an old game). So I made this script to vent my frustration D:
It’s the Ace version of the spell Lloyd’s Beacon. Hope you’ll like it.

By the way, I also updated Animated Battlers to the version 1.01, to fix a compatibility issue with Banish Skills.


Repair MapInfos

I posted this on rpgmakerweb forums months ago and forgot about it. Re-post it here because Netsu/Enigma reminded me.

This is a utility snippet you should use if your MapInfos.rvdata2 file is corrupted and you don’t have any suitable backup. MapInfos stores the map tree structure in the editor, so it’s a bit annoying to restore manually: it involves creating a bunch of blank maps in a new project, then paste the old ones in the Data folder… It’s ok if you have 20 maps, but what about 250?

First, create a new project (important!) and copy all the maps from the old project (just copy them in the Data folder and paste them in the new project’s Data folder). Then, paste this snippet in the new project’s script editor:

mapinfos = {}
i = 0
Dir.entries(File.expand_path('./Data')).each do |filename|
  if filename =~ /Map*(\d+).rvdata2/
    mapinfos[i] =
    mapinfos[i].name = sprintf("MAP%03d", $1) rescue "Unknown"
    i += 1
save_data(mapinfos, "MapInfos.rvdata2")

This will recreate a brand new MapInfos.rvdata2 with all the maps of your real project. Replace the old corrupted file with this new one. It will not recreate the map names nor the tree structure because they are lost but at least all of your maps will appear in the editor, which isn’t the case with a “blank” map infos file. Note that the file is created in the new project folder itself, not the Data folder.

Lastly, to avoid such a situation again, remember to backup your files.

A weird script and a patch


“He got a dude-your-so-retarded look on his face.”

After a few bug reports relating problems with Yanfly’s Ace Equip Engine and Fomar’s Individual Equipment, I made a patch for fixing some problems with the two. It also fixes problems with some of my other scripts, but no, not Alchemic Synthesis: this one shouldn’t be used with Individual Equipment at all. I’ll make a special system for it sooner or later, but probably more later than sooner, sorry.

The ‘weird’ script is this: Autobackup. I made it primarily because I felt like it, so if you find it useless, I won’t lose sleep on it.