Skill Fusion

Here some ErnestxRalph, yaoi fangirls!

Because there is no kill like overkill.

This script allows characters to use the “remnants” of the last used skill to transform their own into something else. If you remember the PlayStation game Breath of Fire IV and its Element Combo system, this is like a very rough version of it. Whether it becomes a fun tactical element or an utter nightmare is up to you.



The setup is done via the noteboxes present in the Skill tab. The configuration is as following:
<skill_fusion: x, y>
# # x = ID of the skill which remnants are used.
# # y = ID of the skill to transform into.

In the example above, Ernest casted Wind and Ralph Fire. The notetags entered were those two:
<skill_fusion: 4, 15> # Fire becomes Meteor Strike if casted after Wind.
<skill_fusion: 3, 15> # Wind becomes Meteor Strike if casted after Fire.

There are some conditions though. First, in order to invoke a fusion skill, the character must be able to use it in normal conditions (sufficient MP/TP, not silenced…). Additionally, the fusion can only occur with two (or more) members of the same party. If a slime had casted Fire and Ernest Wind, the Wind spell wouldn’t have become Meteor Strike. This check can be bypassed by setting FUSION_PARTY_CHECK to false within the script code.

Compatibility notes

Works with the default battle system and with Ace Battle Engine. However, for this script to detect Yanfly’s, you need to put it below it.


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  1. Hey Kread-EX, I have the same problem. I’ve got everything set up in the notebox as it should be, but the characters are simply casting their own spells without fusing… I may have done something very n00bish…

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. is there any way that only a character or class can fusion skills? It isn’t an issue but it may be usefull because I use Elementalist Class and it will be cool if them and only them can fuse skills. Sorry for my english (I’m asleep [Yes, I’ve just got up] and I’m from Argentina XD )

  3. William morales

    I’m a bit confused with entering commands I’m trying to make my musicians do a duet but they each use the skill separately can you do a tutorial video or something?

  4. can you upload it again? i can’t download it now

  5. your skill fusion down is not working is there any way to get it

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