Individual Equipment Patch

Many swords.

"I have created over a thousand blades."

This script is a compatibility patch meant to be used with Fomar0153′ Individual Equipment. Useful if you want to enchant differently the same weapon or armor.


Compatibility notes
Goes below both Individual Equipment and Runic Enchantment. Because of the nature of the system, despite Fomar’s best efforts, overall compatibility is low. Don’t expect all of my scripts to work with this. But then again you’re not supposed to use everything at the same time.

  1. ok when unequipping runes an error comes up with

    line 110 undifined method for rune_unique even though im not using a unique rune

  2. that worked thank you now just need a way to show the difference between each version of the items but that is not an issue with your script

  3. Whenever I enter the rune menu without an enchantable item while I have a rune in my inventory it returns the following error:

    Script ‘Enchantment_IE_Patch’ line 119: No Method Error occurred.

    undefined method `object’ for nil:NilClass

  4. Sorry for the double post, I forgot to include this only happens while trying to access the Enchantment window in conjunction with what i’ve listed above. (Sorry for any confusion)

  5. Getting..

    Window_Base:373:in `draw_icon’ : undefined method `%’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

    Receiving this error on the /second/ attempt to equip an item. I seem to be able to equip something, leave the menu, and go back in and equip something, otherwise I get this error.
    Using Yanfly’s Equipment script as well.

  6. I’m getting

    Script ‘Individual Equipment Patch’ line 339; NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘-@’ for nil:NilClass

    I’m using Yanfly’s Ace Menu and Ace Equip at the same time.

    • Considering the script has only 161 lines, you probably used the patch for Runic Enchantment instead XD

      • I looked again and I was indeed using this one, but I noticed that some hash tags at the top were missing for some reason, so I re-pasted the script and it worked.

        But then I got an error with Fomar’s Dual Wield -> Free Hands script, but I’ll try to figure something out about it o vo

        Thank you tough, at least I could figure out what was wrong c:

  7. can I ask you something?
    how to make the rune permanent?
    i mean when you attach the rune, you can’t remove the rune anymore

  8. Something happens to me. When I remove equipment or clear equipment, I lose the items forever instead of just unequipping them and putting them back in the inventory.

    I used it in this order:
    Yanfly Ace Equip Engine v1.06
    Fomar Individual Equipment v1.1
    Actor Inventory v1.11
    Ace Equip Engine/Individual Equipment Patch

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