Skill Upgrade


This was a request from Rukaroa, based on Yanfly’s former VX project Generation Overzeal. It allows you to upgrade and downgrade skills using either JP (with YF JP Manager), Gold, or a game variable. Additionally, it’s also possible for skills to transform into other ones after a certain level.


Before everything, you should put this script below the JP Manager if you intend to use JP for upgrade.

To call the scene use this in a call script event command:

Default configuration
The script has a configuration section, where you set up the default behavior (common for all skills). It’s commented, but there’s one particularly important one:
# Default upgrade formula.
UPGRADE_FORMULA = "cost * level"

This formula calculates the JP cost for the next level. It’ll be evaluated, so please enter valid Ruby syntax. Note that “cost” refers to the base JP cost and “level” to the next skill level.

Tagging skills
You can tag each skill to make it behave differently from the default. You can put the following tags in the skill’s notebox:

<upgrade_cost: x>
This is the base cost of the skill.

<upgrade_formula: string>
The formula to calculate the JP/Gold/Variable cost. Overrides the default formula and needs to be valid Ruby syntax.

<max_level: x>
The maximum level a skill can attain.

<upgrade_damage: x>
Every level, the skill’s damage will raise by x%.

<upgrade_mp: x>
Every level, the skill’s MP cost will raise by x%.

<upgrade_tp: x>
Every level, the skill’s TP cost will raise by x%.

<level_morph: x, y>
At level X, skill will become skill Y. This is a one-way process and downgrade won’t be available after a morphing.

Starlight will become Trapezohedron.

Starlight will become Trapezohedron.

And now, you can't downgrade it.

And now, you can’t downgrade it.

Works with Ace Menu Engine. Should works well with Yanfly’s scripts, since the design is inspired from one of his games.

  1. The Link is dead please help!

  2. KittySidhe

    I know this script is pretty old but I have a quick question about it,
    Is is possible to set initial ‘Damage%’ for skills individually?
    E.g. the basic ‘fire’ spell starts at 80% and the more advanced one at 140% because they both have the same formula in the database for “simplicity” and the main differences between the two are in how they scale.

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