Cutscene Skipper

If there’s one thing I really can’t stand in RPGs, it’s being forced to watch the same cutscene again and again after dying. This script is there to remedy to this problem. Unlike the classic implementation, consisting in giving to the player a choice at the start of the cutscene, I opted for the hotkey method: you can press a key to skip the cutscene during its entire duration.


Wrap your cutscene inside two Label event commands: the first must be named “Cutscene” and the second “End Cutscene”. You can also select the hotkey in the script’s configuration module. Everything until the End Cutscene label will be skipped upon hitting the hotkey, except the following:

  • Switches/Variables/Self Switches.
  • Gain gold/items/weapons/armors.
  • Change actor parameters.
  • Start/stop timer.
  • Show/erase picture.
  • Enable/disable menus.
  • Set vehicle location.

In short, if you set a switch in the middle of the cutscene for instance, it will be processed even if the rest is skipped.

  1. v1.01 – I found a critical bug!

  2. Lord Valdyr

    This is exactly what I was looking for 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Your Cutscene skiper script is better to use compared to Archeia’s. But can you set a option like of hers that asks if the player desires to skip or not the cutscene?

    It would be something like the first image of Archeias script page:

  4. Okay, so the start of my game has a series of cutscenes that happen in sequence one after another. Using the cutscene skipper, the following cutscene will open, but nothing will happen until you skip it again. Here are two of the event processes. Disregard my horrible newbie attempts at events.

    I appreciate any help you can give me!

    • Seems to work fine when I test. By the way, your third screen lacks the opening label.

      In any case I can’t seem to reproduce the error. Are you certain you don’t have another script causing conflict with this one?

  5. The second and third are the same script, I just couldn’t fit it in one screenshot. Doing a bit more testing, it seems that it only happens if I do one or more lines of dialog, then skip it. Then after the transfer to the next scene, I get the sweat bubble, but the dialog doesn’t start. If I skip it right at the start, none of the problems happen.

  6. That’s fine, I’m in no hurry. Let me know when you fix it. Thank you!

  7. “Show/erase picture.”
    C’est dommage que ton script et celui de TDS avez la même restriction.

  8. ltbenjamin

    for some reason when i skip cutscene it skips it, but the scrolling text gets stuck on the screen until i enter a town…..

    • ltbenjamin

      Figured out if i added a scroll text with no text in it and put it after the end cutscene it makes current scroll finish and not get stuck on scene.

  9. Hisham Moin

    Love this script but as Serge suggested do you think you can add the option to skip or not like that of Archeia’s. I find this skipper easier to use and makes easier post cut scene but I would like to see that option.

    Again same link to show what I mean:


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