Runic Enchantment


Agria is making fun of you because your sword isn't as cool as hers. You won't let her do it, will you?

This script is more or less inspired from the enchantment system as found in the game Dragon’s Age. To summarize, you have equipment, and you have runes with certain properties. And you can add or remove runes as will on specific enchant-able equipment pieces.

Important note: Once you enchant a piece of equipment, every copy will be enchanted too!
If you want to have different instances of the same piece, then look at the Individual Equipment patch.

This script requires the Traits Namer!



Awwwwww yeaaaah.


The equipment piece
By default, you can’t enchant equipment at all. In order to enable it, you need to tag your weapon or armor using their notebox:
Additionally, you can specify the number of rune slots:
<rune_slots: x>
There is a default slot number that you can modify in the script configuration part:
RUNE_SLOTS_MAX = 5 (the default layout can support up to 5 runes).

The runes
For convenience, runes are in fact armor type items with the <rune> notetag. Make sure that their armor type is set to None so they won’t be able to be equipped. Now give to the rune whatever trait you want – every trait will be passed to the equipment piece. The default layout only displays 5 traits but even if you use more, they will all be active.
Three more options exist:

These two tags make a rune weapon or armor-exclusive.
This tag prevents inscribing two times the same rune on the same piece.

Unique rune example.

Example of the new "unique" option.

If you want to runes to be their own category, I recommend you to use Ace Item Menu.

The scene
Use a script call to enter the enchantment scene:
Alternatively, you can integrate it to the main menu using Ace Menu Engine and adding :enchant to the list of commands.

  1. Camelslayer

    I dunno, the fact that the runes are armor makes it difficult to make good runes for weapons. A lot of the stuff I tried simply didn’t work.

    If armor runes were armor and weapon runes were weapons, it’d make a lot more sense and be a lot more usable. Honestly I think had you modified your Grathnode Install script it would’ve worked a lot better, considering it’s basically enchantment for magic. Since it isn’t…. well, sadly I’ll have to pass.

  2. @ Camelslayer your comment makes no sense by the way. The only issue I had with runic enchant is custom trait namer not displaying the custom name trait šŸ˜

  3. El Capitan

    I’m very curious, since these runes are pretty much armor with traits on them, if the game actually considers them equipped to the actors who are using the weapon/armor these things are slotted into.

    This is because I want to combine this with Skyval’s Linked Skills script (, but I can’t seem to get the rune to activate skills during an attack. I’m suspecting this may be due to the runes not really being “worn” by the actors, but I’m not absolutely sure.

  4. Hey! You’re scripts are all really awesome, and specifically I’m using the Grathnode and this one together to create a game with tons of customization options with heavy emphasis on rewarding skillful gameplay and smart customization choices. It also has a crafting system that allows you to turn your grathnodes in to runes to enchant your weapons with.

    So far everything is working great with one mostly cosmetic issue – the runes falling under the Armor category. I’m using the Ace Item Menu and have the tagged with but unfortunately that category is a sub-category to Armor, not Items.

    I understand the reasoning behind making the enchantments be Armor, but is there any way that you know of to get the Runes to show up under the Items super-category instead of the Armor one?

    If the game comes out half as good as I plan I doubt having the Runes show up under Armor will really turn people off too badly, but it would look much more professional if I could figure out a way to change it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated šŸ™‚


    • Ouch typos…

      “Iā€™m using the Ace Item Menu and have the tagged with but unfortunately that category is a sub-category to Armor, not Items.”

      …should be…

      “I’m using the Ace Item Menu and have tagged the enchantments with category: Runes, but unfortunately…”

      Thanks again

  5. So I realize this problem has been stated a few times but I haven’t actually
    seen much of a response to it. Anyways, I’ve got the Traits Namer script and the
    Runic Enchantment both installed in that order.

    I’ve made a weapon and used the tags displayed in the introduction, same with
    the rune to go with it (armor type item, , etc). My problem
    is that when I go to enchant it, I see my weapon but I don’t actually see the Rune
    as a possible enchant even though I just got from a chest. I can choose which slot
    it’d go in but theres nothing there to choose from. Also in the inventory the rune doesn’t
    actually have a name, I see an blank empty space followed by a “x1” and that’s it.

    Sorry, if this is silly question but I tried rearranging the scripts. Tried putting it below
    some, then above others. Neither worked, problem persists. Any help would be
    appreciated! šŸ˜€

  6. Okay, I was having the same problems as well, but I found out what I was doing wrong. The rune was in my in inventory as well, but I couldn’t equip it. So i checked, and I didn’t put the tag first. Make sure you do. Also, for anyone looking to use the tag, it’s actually that you need to use. Hope I helped.

    • Dang, it removed the “” and “” I put up. D:

      • Stupid thing. Tag the rune with rune and for unique its unique_rune. Hopefully, this works.

        • So I tried doing that but it then thinks that all runes are “unique_rune”s. By that I mean I can slot weapon or armor runes onto my swords and other weapons. Or slot both kind into my armor. I tried using “” as well but the same thing happens.

          I learned that if I change the base tag “rune” to “unique rune” it doesn’t recognize them as runes, so it can’t be it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong to not be able to get my runes to be unique.

          My notebox for the runes are like this. As far as I know it’s right?


  7. Llendar Twain

    Great Script, but i have a problem i’m using Hime’s Lovley Item Instanes(… and the runes are only shown in your enchant menu… how colud i display the runes in my inventory.

    MFG: Llendar Twain

    PS:Sorry for my bad english

  8. Is there a way to make those runes cost more than 1 slot to be equipped? and adding equipment restrictions (for example, X characters can’t equip certain rune or X rune is not equippable if you’re using Y rune) is possible?

  9. Okay so.. I have all the scripts… Trait Name, Rune enchant, Indiv equip ( 1 and 2 ) and they are all in the proper order… I create a rune under the armor tab tag it with and then go to my weapon and tag it – and when I go to use the rune in my inventory under the armor tab it is faded out and cannot be used…?
    anyone think they can help?

  10. takethat234

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but i can’t seem to find out how to create a new option in Yanfly’s Menu script, can someone tell me how to fix this?

  11. How can i make sum up all traits from socketed runes when the weapon/armor is selected?

  12. Is there a way to add rune slots to a weapon?

  13. LittlMousie

    this script is lovely and is actually one of the fundamental ideas i am building my user interface around. I am using another script that will allow the player to upgrade their weapons and armor by instead crafting new gear out of the old gear. but i have run into a hiccup! i was hoping you could help me. Is there a way to make the scripts work together and either recognize that there is a rune attached to the weapon and prevent it from being crafted or else transfer any attached runes to the new item that is being crafted? any help or suggestions are most welcome.

    Little Mousie <3))~

    this is where i got the other script from

  14. There’s no patch for Instance Items by Hime? That would be nice.

  15. FreezeKirby

    Hello, Kread-Ex!
    The script is fantastic-Probably more than fantastic, but, ummu, there is one problem…

    Whenever I try to add Runes to my Equipment, the “armor_rune” and “weapon_rune” tags seem to not work, as I have the ability to add whichever rune is in my possession to any piece of equipment I possess, that has a slot or more for Runes. I’d post a screenshot, but I’m scared of doing it because of the last reply I made on the Alchemic Synthesis page.

    tl;dr Runes are ignoring the “armor_rune” and “weapon_rune” tags, what should I do?

    PS: Every rune is tagged with the “unique_rune”, for reasons. For rising the difficulty. šŸ˜›


  16. . . .hi, KREAD-EX. . .i want to know if your Runic Enchantment can use Yanfly’s Lunatic notetag?. . .or any of his armor notetag. . .Thank You. . .

    • FreezeKirby

      Methinks it should work-but I haven’t tried with a game-impacting notetag of Yanfly’s. Please let me know if it works-if you try that one out. It’d help me out big time. o:

  17. For those wanting to use Hime’s instance items and Kread-EX’s runic enchantment together. All you have to do is place traits namer and runic enchahtment below instance items and all scripts that affect instance items. You do not need Kread-EX’ individual equipment as long as you use Hime’s instance items.

    I have been using them together for more than a year, so they work. I saw that people were complaining about how they need a patch for instance items, but all one has to do is test, and this was the result of my testing.

  18. Im having trouble wit the armor rune and weapon rune note tag. It doesnt work; all runes can go to any equipment and I dont want that.

  19. If you could remake this for RpgMakerMV I would be SO happy, it was pretty central to my first game with Ace and nothing feels quite the same.

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