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Sairen-esque Life

I haven’t posted a script in a while because I’m busy playing games so allow me to make a completely pointless (and probably retarded) post, except for one person: Nessiah.


Taken directly from vndb because I can't be assed to make a screenshot myself.

I started to play Josou Sanmyaku. That’s a yaoi visual novel, full of traps. Actually, it takes place in a village entirely inhabited by traps and where the protagonist – highly defiant of women – is believed to be some kind of divine messenger. I can’t play it often because I don’t want my GF to question too much my preferences but yeah, it’s some sort of masochistic and guilty pleasure. To be frank, I’m most used to bishies when it comes to yaoi, such as in Absolute Obedience so curiosity may be a reason as well.

Feel free to completely ridicule me for actually posting about this. Except Ness. You have to like. Please.