This script received the Typhon Seal of Approval.

Those who played Final Fantasy VI must have some aching memories of Typhon (or Chupon) and his famous Sneeze, coming to humiliate you every time you bet an item not good enough by coliseum standard. Well, this script replicates the sneeze attack.
Basically, it’s a state which kicks a party member out of the party upon infliction, for the remaining of the battle. Like a KO, except you can’t bring your mate back.
Now not everything is so grim: if you die when one of your party members is out like this, the battle is simply aborted instead of taking you to the Game Over screen (providing the battle can be escaped by normal means). After the fight, your party is back to normal.


Sneeze is actually a state. To define it, you just need to put within said state’s notebox. Don’t forget to set the text which will be displayed too. Don’t bother with an icon or anything else – a sneeze state doesn’t need icons and automatically removes itself at the end of the battle.

Compatibility notes
Don’t use this with scripts allowing you to manage party during battle. It will cause problems and defeats the entire purpose of using this in the first place.


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  1. This could make for fun/ friggin’ annoying enemies. I’m just mean enough to use this.

  2. What is the chance of an update that lets it work with the party management system but locks out that spot in the roster so if say Ralph is sneezed out, you can’t switch in Bennett to the empty spot? I can understand if there would be too many technical challenges to making them compatible, but if it’s something that’s possible it would greatly expand the versatility of both.

    • ChaosVirus

      That’s the same I was thinking of, its a preety good idea to mix both, if you can we will be gratefull 🙂

  3. Umm…bad news. By using the trait: “Escape” and setting the scope to 1 enemy…you get the same results. If you expand on the script, it could be useful though, but at this point…

    • You should have tested further. If you use the trait escape, it allows you to bypass battle restrictions, such as impossibility to escape in normal conditions. Sneeze can treat the expel from party as a death and cause a Game Over. Furthermore, since it uses a state, the player can protect against it eventually.

      • Ahh, I see. Those do sound like useful features. Well it’s good to clarify either way so other people can see the usefulness as well.

  4. Any chance of a patch to have this work with Victor Engine’s Actor Battlers? It causes a crash when used together. If an actor is hit with the Sneeze skill, game over.

  5. I guess this doesn’t work on enemies, huh. ;_;

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  7. Is this compatible with Tankentai?

  8. Tiago Mercês

    Using “Yami Battle Symphony”
    Using the Sneeze in an actor.

    “Script ‘Window_BattleStatus’ line 52: TypeError Ocurred
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

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