Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dramatic reveal!

Lol, no.

I’m back from my political endeavors and will resume scripting. According to WordPress admin panel, you people made a good hundred of comments during my absence. You dicks, there’s no way I’m reading all that. If your problem was important, then you’ll have to tell me again.

So, what am I going to work on now? Aside from the bug fixes/feature requests you need to mention all over again, Holder (you know Holder right? reminded me I was planning to make an animated battlers script which would work with standard battle animations only. So yeah, I’m going to do that now. Shouldn’t take too long, hopefully.

Before you close the tab/browser, here’s a live of one of the best video game songs ever made. The keyboardist is Kenji Itô, one of the composers.