Traits Namer

This is a core script. By itself, it doesn’t do anything but it is used by Runic Enchantment and soon by Alchemic Synthesis. The purpose of this script is to provide an automated way to name traits: the script retrieve the traits data and generates a name based on a customizable template.

As for version 1.0, you can now generate names for usable items effects, as well as generate help descriptions.


Traits Namer provides you with a template to name traits. Most of it is rather self-explanatory, but pay attention to the CODENAMES hash:

    11 => '%s resist: %d%'        , # Element rate
    12 => '%s debuff rate: %d%'   , # Debuff rate
    13 => '%s resist: %d%'        , # State rate
    14 => 'Immunity: %s'          , # State immunity
    21 => '%s: %d%'               , # Parameter rate
    22 => '%s: %d%'               , # Additional parameter rate
    23 => '%s: %d%'               , # Special parameter rate
    31 => 'Attack %s'             , # Physical attack attribute
    32 => 'Attack %s %d%'         , # Physical attack state
    33 => 'Attack speed %d'       , # Attack speed correction
    34 => 'Attack x%d'            , # Additional attacks
    41 => 'Command: %s'           , # Add skill type
    42 => 'Seal: %s'              , # Seal skill type
    43 => 'Skill: %s'             , # Add skill
    44 => 'Skill Seal: %s'        , # Seal skill
    51 => 'Can equip: %s'         , # Add equip type (weapon)
    52 => 'Can equip: %s'         , # Add equip type (armor)
    53 => 'Fix equip: %s'         , # Fix equip slot
    54 => 'Seal equip: %s'        , # Seal equip slot
    55 => 'Dual Wielding'         , # Dual Wield
    61 => 'Bonus Actions: +%d%'   , # Bonus actions
    62 => '%s'                    , # Special flag
    63 => 'Collapse type'         , # Collapse type (will never be used, I think)
    64 => '%s'                    , # Party ability

The “%s” and “%d” are substitution fields. For instance, “%s resist: %d%” for the element rate will be displayed as “Element name” + “resist” + “value” + “%”.

The same applies to the help window description (CODEHELP), the usable items effects names (EFFECTS_CODENAME) and their description (EFFECTS_CODEHELP).

New feature: custom names. They’re here to allow you to chose completely different names (or descriptions) based on completely arbitrary values: for instance naming the trait. For instance, check the following examples:


[0, 32, 2, 50] => ['Poisonous', nil],
[0, 32, 2, 100] => ['Venomous', nil],


Here, the trait giving 50% chance to add Poison to a normal attack will be called ‘Poisonous’ and the one with 100% chance ‘Venomous’. The nil value is where you put the custom description if you want one.

  1. v1.00 – New functions.

    • Can you help me Kread-EX? Using your traits namer and alchemic synthesis scripts, can’t figure out how to use the traits. I can synthesize items, but I can not select traits. Where and how do I choose potential traits?

  2. v1.01 – Required version for use with Alchemic Synthesis.

  3. I’m new with putting scripts in. How to install? :l

  4. I can’t get the traits namer to name traits. I’ve been testing it with a weapon trait that adds poison to attack state 100%, but the name doesn’t change to venomous. I’m using it with your synthesis script and I haven’t changed anything in either one.

    • i realize this is 2 years old but
      final_value = case code
      when 11, 13
      100 – (value * 100)
      when 33, 34
      value * 100
      you want to counter the math done here so for the 32 you change ‘100’ to ‘100/100’, this will solve the problem

  5. You lost me sir 🙂

    What are we talking about specifically?

    # value1: what you typed in the first field where you can write numbers.
    # For equipment this is the only one.
    # value2: usable items only. What you typed in the second field.

  6. I dont know, how to install the script… i copied it under “Materials” and it doenst work? Can anyone help me?

  7. A error has occurred:
    “SystemStackError occured. stack level too deep”
    what is this?

  8. Having an armor rune which gives mana regeneration from Runic Enchantment on a piece of equipment gives an error which sends me to Traits Namer line 337, saying to few arguments.

  9. I was wondering, when you do the traits for parameter changes, what are the corresponding number for each parameter?

  10. Mitchell aka Audrey

    Hi, is there a possibility of functionality with Victor’s Element Strengthen? (This and Runic Enchantment). I’d like to be able to enchant equipment with that trait.
    I thought it would be nice.

  11. I found a bug in this script that refers to the increase of the parameters

  12. I have placed the traits namer script but when i playtest my game it says “You need the traits namer in order to use Alchemic Synthesis. Loaing aborted.

  13. Black0Seraph

    How do you assign the traits to the weapons?

  14. anyone else know how to fix the custom trait names… i cant seem to figure out how to make it work.

  15. well i got the poison trait stuff to work but i also figured out that heal by % doesnt have the right description… this is a very poor script

    • The issue is

      # ● Converts the real value to the one entered in the editor
      def self.convert_value(code, value, feature = true)
      if feature && [33, 34].include?(code)
      return value.to_i
      elsif feature && [21].include?(code)
      return (value.to_f / 100)
      elsif [11, 12].include?(code) && value <= 1
      return (value.to_i * 100).to_i

      It's missing code notes and the wrong calculations are being made with floats and integers.

  16. I’ve been playing around with this and the synthesis script. This really is genius. Excellent work all around.

    There is one hiccup, one which I can work around if need be, but I thought I’d mention it. The custom trait names just do not work at all for me. I have made a bunch of custom trait names with the proper number code designations but the default codenames and codehelps appear instead. Is there a way to turn off the default names/descriptions and turn the custom ones on?

    Other than that, it’s all working perfectly. Thanks again.

  17. Well… the link is dead.
    Would it be possible to have a mirror?

  18. all your dropbox link are death

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