FEEL the competency.

It’s dreamy, right? Being able to yell “STOP! YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE LAW!” on top of your lungs… Anyways, this script doesn’t do that, but simply adds a “Steal” option to shops, so you can, well, steal stuff. If you’re successful, you keep the item, if you aren’t, it activates a switch. What happens afterwards is up to you; that’s what events are here for.



In the configuration module, set up the default % chance to succeed as well as the ID of the switch being enabled if you happen to fail. Note that the term “leader” used below refers to the first party member.
You also have to enter the ID of the variable to keep track of the number of theft attempts.

In the item/weapon/armor database tabs, you can use 3 notetags to set the per-item success chance:
<steal_chance: n%> Base chance
<steal_agi: n%> % of the leader's agility added to base chance
<steal_luk: n%> % of the leader's luck added to base chance

In the class tab, you can enter 2 notetags:
<steal_ok> Class can steal
<steal_class: n%> Class-based bonus added to every chance

In-game, it looks like this:

Shop screen

And if you fail your theft…


What happens afterwards is up to you~


Works with Ace Shop Options, Shop Clouts and is automatically disabled if the shop is the Synthesis Shop.

  1. Added a variable to keep track of the number of theft attempts.

  2. another creative script :D.

    some suggestion to improve this script even further.

    if you have time could you add some more option like need to have certain class in battle_members (class thief, class bandit) to able to steal :D.
    and it would be better if chances also differ each ‘thief’ class. and each actor with that ‘thief’ class add percentage chance.
    i guess i need to create example to explain what i means
    short sword default chances 10%
    if the battle member have no ‘thief’ class then we cannot steal. since we all good person :D.

    then you have one actor. lets call it eric with class thief (+50% base chance)
    then short sword chances become 10% + (50% * 10%) = 15% chance

    then you also have another actor call it. ralph (class bandit +100% base chance), terrence (class rogue +50% base chance)
    then short sword chances become 10% + eric (50% * 10%) + ralph (100% * 10%) + terrence (50%*10%) = 30% chance.

    so all thief class party will be feasible for making money. 😀

  3. Added class requirement and bonus. It’s not exactly what estriole asked, but I thought it made more sense like this. Instructions are updated.

  4. thank you so much… nice update. even it’s not what i asked but i satisfy enough.
    i just need to lower the bonus number. and you’re right. it’s easier to calculate the bonus for player.

    you want to steal iron sword with 50% chance of success.
    then you need configure your party of 6 each with at least these bonuses:
    5%+5%+5%+10%+10%+15% = 50% + base = 100% (or is it capped at 99%? i think 99% is more reasonable)
    for easy steal chance. :D.

  5. Hi Kread!

    Im using both of your scripts of shoplift and shopclout with yanfly ace shop.

    Got a quick question, all the script seems to work properly, however, when choosing the steal command in the shop window for stealing opportunity, the unrevealed names of items which are labeled ??????? for names of items that are shopclout level requirements are revealed when i go to the steal command window. Is there a way to make the items that have not yet met the level requirement by shopclouts be hidden in the steal window or have the names labeled in ????????? so that way i dont know what the unrevealed items name are until i met the shopclout lvl requirement? As of currently, the steal command windows reveals the item names that are labeled ???????? from not meeting the shopclout lvl requirements in which the item should be hidden on the steal window or maintain the same labeled name of ????????? that havent met the shopclout lvl requirement.

  6. Muhammad Reyhan Abizar

    I haven’t chance to steal ????

  7. I need help on where to install and how to install this script. Some reason it doesn’t work. I have Ace Shop Options. Could I

  8. Freddy M R

    Hi, Kread! I’m writing to you because I’ve got a question. How can I make the steal option available when using Yanfly’s Shop Options? I know I have to put a command in Yanfly’s script or something like that like… I dunno… :steal? But what would be your shoplifting’s command?

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