Lloyd’s Beacon


Lloyd’s Beacon was an awesome water spell from the game Might and Magic VI used to create teleport points and then go back to them at any time. This script does just that. It also allows you to setup a switch in order to disable the spell altogether; great for special areas you aren’t supposed to leave and/or return to.

IMPORTANT: If you are using this, I’ll ask you to credit Cremno. I used his GDI+ Interface as reference to understand how to use object_id to get a C pointer, and to understand what RGSS bitmaps really are. Sure, it’s just one part of the script, but it’s an important one.


The skill works like a common event, but only on the map. As such, a scope isn’t required and the special menu doesn’t open in battle.

Two notetags are provided and are to be used in the skills’ notebox:
Mark the skill as a beacon. Mandatory.

<beacon_max: x>
Sets the maximum number of beacons available with this skill. Cannot exceed 9.

Further customization can be found in the config module (commented, are simple enough for not needing more explanation here).

Note: beacons are saved globally, not per skill. If you have multiple beacon skills with different beacon_max values, the only difference will be the number of slots available when you use the skill.


  1. interesting skill. :D.
    it would be better if it could have each skill beacon location though.
    you could try using 2 level array to store the beacon.
    @beacon[skillid][index]. then pass the skill id in scene skill to scene beacon. i think.
    but i guess you also need to recheck the code for calling it :D.

    • I used a Struct so there would be no need for an array of arrays. In any case, in my first draft beacons were saved per skill but I changed it because I thought it was too OP and game-breaking.

  2. Good job Krecchina!

  3. how about making configuration to choose :D.
    since it saved per skill we can give it to different person. and then with clever eventing/scripting. we could make:
    to travel to Ice continent we have to use skill from actor 1
    to travel to Flame continent we have to use skill from actor 2.
    just suggestion though

  4. I really love this awesome script but I can’t seem to make it work with Falcao Pearl ABS. I’ve tweaked the script a little but still I cant get what I want. Whenever I hit cancel to exit the beacon scene the game exits instead. Oh and I’m calling the scene through common event to make it work with a hotkey.

    • Did you use SceneManager.goto or SceneManager.call in your common event? If it’s goto, then it’s normal, the previous scene isn’t stored so the game quits.

  5. I’ve also made it a menu command instead since I cant make it work as a hotkey skill. Though it works well when used in skill menu but I wanted to use it through other means. Can you help me? I just dont get it why the game exits.

  6. I actually copied the part where the script checks if the item is a beacon skill then calls up the beacon seen. I’ve only removed the conditional part and pasted it on a script call.

    • Thought so. I used .goto for a precise reason which is voided if you use a different system. Replace .goto with .call and it shouldn’t exit.

  7. Wow, thanks. I know a little about scripting so I dont have any idea what is the difference between the .call and .goto … Whew! at last I can use this awesome script!

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