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Equip your potions!

Actor Inventory

Actor Inventory is a concept used in Suikoden games and reminded to me by Seiryuki. It allows the player to equip consumable items and general item use in battle is disabled, save for those equipped in such a fashion.

Other news:

  • Mitchi uploaded a video of his project Devil Protocol (VX) and wonders if he should port it to Ace.
  • EvilEagles made a Stonegate tile edited from Mack.
  • Nessiah gives us some adult sexiness with Rita. She looks like the playful and teasing one, for sure.
  • A rather old info (almost one week) but in need of being reiterated: Infamous bon bon made a nice tutorial about making a variable window.
  • Craze found a bug for his Regrowth Options script and released a fix.
  • A rather cosmetic script brought to us by Pacman, Change Gauge Display! To get rid of unneeded gauges.

And here’s a wonderful picture of Kirei I stumbled upon. Even dressed like this, he remains a total badass.