Skill Decay

This script can’t be depicted with screen-shots, so I’m afraid you will have to read the whole page.

It’s an idea formulated by infamous bon bon and I found that interesting. Basically, it allows skills to “decay” when used, meaning they get nerfed each time they are used in a battle, and for the entire battle duration. Of course, you can choose which skills are affected, how strongly they are affected and you can also design methods (skills or items) to cancel the nerf of specific skills or even all at once. Note that only damage, recovery and hit rate (optional) are taken into consideration – traits aren’t.
Used intelligently, this could help to punish players who rely completely on skill spamming. You may argue that a game cleverly designed doesn’t need that in order to incite the players to be strategic. I can’t retort anything because it is correct.


I just felt like doing it.


By default, skills don’t decay at all. There are a variety of notetags you will have to use in order to apply the effects.

This enables decay for the skill.

<decay_max: x>
The maximum efficiency loss. For instance, if set to 50, the skill effectiveness will never drop below 50%.

<decay_rate: x>
The efficiency loss per use. Every time any battler uses this skill, it loses x in power and/or accuracy.

Enables the accuracy decay.

<revert_decay: x, x, x...>
Raises the given skill IDs power back to their full potential.

Same as above, but for absolutely every skill.

Default values
You don’t have to set the maximum and decay rate for every skill. There are default values and you can find them in the config part of the script.

Pretty much self-explanatory.

I haven’t found any compatibility issues for now.

  1. I’ll agree that if you know how to make your game this script might not be necessary, but I thought it might be fun for certain skills and lazy designers. Plus I always thought that bad guys and player characters would have to get better at avoiding (now that you added that to my idea, good option by the way) and reducing damage especially in epic boss battles. I mean they always do in anime’s and movies and such.

    Thanks for making it.

  2. Are you kidding? Diminishing returns on skills? That’s hilariously great, and opens up a ton of design space! Punishing certain tactics is one feature of this, but revert_decay allows some fun stuff to be implemented. Great job!

  3. Protractor

    Hi, tried out this script and it works great. However, I’ve been running into an error when I try to use items. It says:

    Script ‘Game_Battler’ line 502: ArgumentError occurred.
    comparison of Float with nil Failed

    I still got this error even when I made a project with only the Skill Decay script.

  4. This may be a bit silly to ask but is there a way to make it so the LESS you use a skill the more it will decay, so the only way you can return it to usefulness is by using it more?

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