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Happy birthday Skie!

I think this is an appropriate cake.

The rest of the post is not related to you, but this had to be said =D

I’ve written an ammo script (again, inspiration goes to Seiryuki). Brace yourselves for the most ridiculous title ever.

Other RM news:

  • Yanfly’s Debug Extension: if you don’t have it yet, grab it now. It may not be flashy, but this will raise your debugging efficiency a lot. Area of Effect is nice too.
  • Moghunter updated his Picture Gallery script. Pretty useful if you have a lot of custom art. Note that it has a very distinct UI, like all his scripts so, for consistency’s sake, don’t use it out-of-the-box with Yanfly’s menu or any other.
  • Pacman created a menu system based on graphic customization. Simplistic display, ring display, your call.
  • Ramiro released a simplistic status window (for battles) inspired from Mother 3 with a bit of Devil Survivor influence as well. Simplicity is good, sometimes.
  • Yami released a FFX-type CTB. He says it’s a beta so don’t hesitate to report bugs to him.
  • EvilEagles sprited a drunkard. I laughed a bit when I noticed the guy can hiccup and fall asleep…

This is unrelated, but Teloch over at stated that Moretsu Pirates was the best anime of this season. So I started to watch it, and I have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining so far. Being a fan of May in Guilty Gear probably helps~
That being said, the ending song is performed by Momoiro Clover Z and well, it’s strangely addicting.

Don’t you think there’s a little something Ar Tonelico-ish in that song?

Two videos in one post OTL