Banish Skills

Eien no Aselia is a good Visual Novel/Strategy hybrid with RPG elements. This is the game that inspired me to write this little script. See for yourself (it’s around 0:30).

So here are the banish skills. Those are actions designed to interrupt enemy’s spells and punish them. In effect, it’s similar to the default Ace counterattack – you could pretty much call this “Advanced Counter” and be done with it. The slight difference with counterattack is that it doesn’t matter if the character is actually targeted or not: they will interrupt it as soon as it is cast even if the skill was originally for the opponent’s allies.

Of course, enemies can use Banish skills as well, provided you’re being smart with the action patterns.



It’s pretty simple, so there’s no need for screen-shots.

There are 4 configuration stages.

1.) Create the “Banishment state”. It is a state you will mark with the following notetags.
Flags the state as a banish state.

<banish_type: n>
Will only interrupt skills of type n (n being the number of the type you can assign in the database).

<banish_level: n>
Will only interrupt skill of level equal or less to n (see next section).

<banish_skill: n>
The ID of the counter skill.

2.) Create two skills: one for the interception and one for counter.
The interception skill will be learnt and used by the player. It must add the banish state previously created to the user and that’s it.
The counter skill can be really whatever you want.

3.) If you want your banish skill to be unable to block spells of a certain power, you’ll have to tag them:

<banish_level: n>
You’ll be only able to interrupt them if the level of the banish skill is superior or equal to this skill’s level.

4.) Personalize the banish message in the config module. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

I leave you now with a picture of Kouin, because he’s the real badass of Eien no Aselia.

Kouin and Kyouko

  1. This is a cool concept that at one point I wanted for a previous game idea, but couldn’t think how to explain it. Maybe I will look at that concept again.

  2. Kouin was pretty badass. Didn’t get through that many playthroughs but his awesomeness is sadly nerfed by the limits on how many times his skills can be used.

    • Yeah he has one use per battle for every skill. Never really bothered me though, because they’re so powerful (and he has no many HP) I rarely needed more. Hell with him as a defender I managed to survive Shun’s Aura Photon Ray + World on HP alone (on hard, Aura Photon Ray disables all skill uses for the turn).

  3. Is it possible for the “interrupter” to take the damage before they counter?

  4. This script is crazy, but right now i using RPG Maker MV then i can’t use the script.
    Sorry for the bad english.

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