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Animated Battlers Update

Hi everyone Archeia here!

Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the page for Animated Battlers because of limited permissions. I just hope that people won’t miss this post. Here’s Animated Battlers Version 1.09, for a list of updates, here’s what we have:

  • Anti-Lag implemented. Depending on how intensive animations can be for enemies, the game could lag.
  • Enemies attacking too fast, now they have been slowed down a bit to be in time with damage popups.
  • After a pose’s animation, change to a specific animation. E.g. After hitting a skill, make them go back to idle pose immediately. This can be achieved by adding ToAnimationID (e.g. To111) on the animation’s name in the database editor.
  • Show a Damage Pop-up on a specific frame #  by adding <damage at: n> at the skill notetag.
  • Jump to target tag by adding <jump to target> at the skill notetag.

I…think that’s mostly it. It’s been a while since we implemented this fixes so I don’t remember how some of the functions work aside from a few notes here and there, Kread hasn’t been around so there won’t be any fixes, probably, but feel free to report some! Just make sure to follow this format:

  • Description of the bug. Make sure to note HOW it happens and try to emulate it as much as possible.
  • List of scripts used. This is important! If you use Victor’s scripts, then it’s a given the scripts won’t work due to low compatibility.
  • Did you test it in a fresh new project? If no, then try at a new project first.
  • Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? If yes, then start a new game and see if the problem persists.
  • Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there? If yes, then grab that script.
  • Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? If no, then read.
  • Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Give it a try, it might just fix it.
  • Give us a demo if possible. No need for the entire game, but just the area where it bugs out.

Hopefully this will make the bug fixing easier for everyone.