Actor Inventory

Another script idea gave to me by Seiryuki, this time inspired from the Suikoden series. Allows consumable items to be equipped and carried in battle, which means that only these can be used. It offers strategic options, as the player is forced to decide between using up equipment slots for stats or items. Of course, it’s up to the developer to find interesting ways to use it: are items considered as accessories? Do they use a completely different slot type? How many slots? Your fancy.

Requires Yanfly’s Ace Equip Engine. Download it now.


In this example, the item slot is shared with the accessory slot.


Go to the config module and set the slot ID for the items.
By default, it set to 4 (the accessory slot in Ace Equip Engine). Other than that, it’s pretty plug and play, as long as you know how to configure Ace Equip Engine properly. Visit Yanfly’s page for that or harass him directly hahahahaha. *ahem*

Lock an item to certain classes:
<class_locks: x, y...>
Use this notetag on the Item tab and put the ID of the classes allowed to equip the item.

Compatibility notes
Should obviously be placed below Ace Equip Engine. Ace Battle Engine on the other hand, is not required to use this script.

  1. Damn, I would love to only show the slots with the usable items in battle, it’s kind of annoying (just a bit, but still!) to scroll down equipment you can’t use anyway (:
    Any way to maybe set it, so one may define which id of equipment is shown?

  2. Black Noise

    I tried this script but I keep getting this error
    “Script ‘ Skill Equip’ line 245: TypeError occurred.
    nil can’t be coerced into Fixnum”

    I’m using Yami’s Skill Equip script which your script, for some reason, is probably
    incompatible with unless there’s some way to fix this.

  3. I’ve found a bug and isolated it solely to this script in my project, and then replicated it in a new project with just this script and the required Yanfly script. Something about this exact script is causing in battle troop events to ignore conditional branches that should only run if you “have x item.” Instead, it runs it as if you have the item when you do not. Removing this script fixed it immediately, and putting this script into an otherwise blank project save for the required Yanfly script bugged that project until it was removed. I really want this script, but also need that functionality. Is a bug fix possible?

  4. The Download link is down.

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