Ace Equip Engine + Individual Equipment

While there is a specific patch for using Runic Enchantment and Fomar’s Individual Equipment, problems arise with Yanfly’s Ace Equip Engine, as well as some of my other scripts. So this patch is here to remedy to the problem.


You need to install the scripts in this specific order:

  1. Ace Equip Engine
  2. Individual Equipment
  3. Actor Inventory
  4. Asagi’s Gun License
  5. Runic Enchantment
  6. Runic Enchantment Patch
  7. This patch

Important! Alchemic Synthesis’ use with Individual Equipment is currently unsupported. This one is a… nasty piece of work, let’s just say.

  1. One fix was only applied if Runic Enchantment was present. Corrected it.

  2. Are all of those scripts necessary or can I just use Individual Equips and Ace Equip Engine.

    • No they aren’t necessary at all. It’s just the required order in case they are used. Individual Equips and Ace Equip Engine are enough.

  3. Ace Equip Engine
    Individual Equipment
    Runic Enchantment
    Runic Enchantment Patch[This would be the runic enchantment-individual equipment patch, correct?]
    This patch

    ^I have these installed, in that order.
    However whenever I unequip something, and go to re-equip it. its gone.
    Not only from the actor equipment screen, but from the party inventory as well.

    • Can’t reproduce it :/

      • I too have been having this problem.

        I have three hats and three armours in bag.
        I go to equip hat (it doesn’t matter if I equip or just cancel).
        immediately after I go to equip armour (again it doesn’t matter if I equip or cancel).
        after that I go back to head slot… one less than there should be.
        I go to armour slot again… one less than there should be.
        repeat and watch my gear disappear one at a time… I cry.

        As long as I don’t leave the equip screen and go back and forth between slots the last selected unequipped gear (or the one just removed) vanishes for all eternity. Note leaving equip screen after confirming the loss does not return them, they are gone for good.
        I have even removed all scripts but ace equip, individual equip, then this one.

        Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance.

  4. I’m having an error with Fomar’s “Dual Wield > Free Hands” script.

    Note: I’m only using Ace Equip Engine and Individual Equipment out of these.

  5. Sorry to bother, I’m getting an “error” with these scripts installed in this order…

    Ace Equip Engine
    Individual Equipment
    Actor Inventory
    Runic Enchantment
    Runic Enchantment Patch
    This patch

    Ace Item Menu

    Everything runs just fine, but when I enter the inventory and select a weapon(or armor) category the weapons/armor don’t show up(they show up in the main inventory and their amount is 0) the problem goes away if I remove Individual equipment, Runic enchantment patch and this patch…

    • Getting the exact same problem. I’ve tried re-ordering scripts, and no real luck.
      If Ace Item Menu is placed above all other scripts, it removes the “x0” next to weapons, but they are still greyed out, and when entering the categories menu (swords, spears, etc) the weapon is not included in any category.

      • Having the same problem! If I remove individual equipment it works fine, but I would rather include it in more project. Any luck with fixing this?

  6. Thx alot!

  7. This is a fantastic patch by the way, but I did have one slight problem.

    When I have Yanfly’s ace item menu running with these scripts the weapons and armors do not display in the item menu. I’ve been playing around with the scripts trying to make a quick fix, but I’ve had no luck. Any ideas on what I should do?

  8. I cant download this T^T link broken

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