Multiple Equipment Types

Request by Hesufo on the RPG Maker official forums.

Exactly like Multiple Skill Types but allows you to assign more than one type to weapons and armors. You don’t really need a screenshot for this.


You just need to put <new_equiptypes: x> in the weapon or armor’s notebox, x representing the ID of the type. If you add more than one additional type, just separate them with commas.

Compatibility notes
Currently doesn’t work with Asagi’s Gun License and may cause problems with Actor Inventory.

  1. HazeStalker

    when using this script, i am not able to restrict skills to a specific weapon type.
    tried on a fresh project with only this script so i think it’s not an incompatibility with other scripts.
    is there any way to fix this or a work around?

  2. Connor Delfs

    The download link is broken

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