Who am I?

Kread-EX. A French scripter for the three latest Enterbrain’s RPG Maker engines. Nowadays, I just code for RPG Maker VX Ace, though. I create games as a hobby since 2000 and because I’m such a perfectionist, never managed to attain a sufficient level of quality to publicly release something. I have learnt a lot in the process fortunately and am still learning everyday.

What is this place? 

Here, you will find scripts for RPG Maker XP, VX and especially VX Ace. Those are mostly game-play oriented as I’ve never seen the point in releasing cosmetic scripts. Prettying your game is something you should do yourself, once the necessary core game-play mechanics you require are implemented. Also, making a cosmetic public script is kind of pointless, as those are meant to make one’s game more unique – a thwarted goal if too many people use the same menu, the same fog and the same light effects.

You’ll eventually find posts about professional games and anime too.

The name “Grimoire Castle” comes from Atelier Iris 3. I’m a big GUST fan, that’s why =)

  1. Hullo Kread,
    Do you use anything IM like MSN, Yahoo or Skype 😀
    If you have one and wanna talk with me, send a private message in rpgmakervxace.net XD

  2. Yo Kread, was curious if you ever played the Genius of Sappheiros Touhou fan game.

  3. I loves me some Gust as well. 😀 I’ve only worked with RPGM3 on PS2 prior, but I’m getting my feet wet with both RPGM VX Ace and IG Maker. For a game idea I have, the Atelier-esque script seems as if it’ll be great.

    On a side note, the PS3 Atelier games seem to be on-again, off-again. Rorona was good, Totori was great, Meruru was good, and so far Ayesha seems great. Here’s hoping for a localization of Escha and Logy.

  4. hey Kread-EX, do you by any chance still have a copy of reincarnation, the rpg maker file. I think the game is very nicely done and I would like to see how the inner workings of the game looks within. I like to make my own games as a hobby and the one im currently working on is very similar to reincarnation. I have spent many hours trying to get some of the scripting to work a certain way but its just not coming out the way I want it, seeing how you guys set up those scripts would really help alot. =)

  5. Hi Kread-Ex, I don’t know if you still come here, but it’s the only way I found of contacting you. I wanted to say THANK YOU, MERCI, since I used your Actor Inventory script for my completed game, Wacky Story.

    I know you kind of ceased doing scripts, but if you ever come back to it and want to improve this particular script, here are some ideas:
    – To make it so that if the item is not consumable, it isn’t consumed in battle.
    – To make an item detectable by the “condition” (if actor has item…) even when the item is equiped.
    – To make a script calls that allows force equip, like the event command.

  6. Verdux Xudrev

    Do you have a way for me to privately message you? A few of your links are dead, and there is one plugin in particular I’d like to download and use.

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