RGSS3 Scripts

This is the list of scripts I have made for RPG Maker VX Ace. You should try to put them in this order if possible, if only to ensure compatibility with each other.

(I have borrowed Yanfly’s categorizing, by the way.)


Battle Scripts

Gameplay Scripts

Graphic Enhancements

Utility scripts

Compatibility Patches

  1. Hey, just need to ask: are your scripts available for commercial use like Yanfly or…?

  2. Сейфер

    http://rpgvxa.3nx.ru/ вот не большой форум, есть пару полезных скриптов

    • Я не знаю точно, что вы хотите, но вы можете свободно перепечатывать мои скрипты там, если вы желаете этого.

      Примечание: это Google Translate текст.

  3. Wahoo awesome, thank for that o__O !

  4. when are you going to release Ar tonelico battle style?
    Please… i love that game… i want to have the same battle style…

  5. Kah'zaad the Mad

    I like your scripts! These have solved many problems that I had, especially with ammunition! Funny thing is, the game I’m working on isn’t really combat-oriented, but I’m working hard to make sure that it’s a smooth, fun process each time. Would you consider doing a fog script?
    Thanks for everything!

  6. Desinger :D

    hi man, i tired to use the alchemy script but when i test the game he said and i quote “you need Alchemic Synthesis script in order to use Adv. Trait Manager and Synthesis Shop”
    and i copy past these 3 scripts from here but it didn’t work

  7. Does anyone know where I can find these scripts, as all the links about are dead, and Github isn’t working either (https://github.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/tree/master/RGSS3%20Scripts doesn’t come up with anything helpful) so can anyone help me find these scripts?

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