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Finished Katawa Shoujo

Yep, I finally completed it. If somebody had told me before that something with 4chan as a birthplace would make me cry manly tears I would have laughed. Hard. But I guess everything can happen when it comes to the Internet after all… So here we go for my impressions on the whole VN and then for each individual route.

This is a huge-ass post, by the way.
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Katawa Shoujo: Emi’s Route

Sorry to not have posted a script in a while. Was busy with various thing, I have hobbies outside of RPG Maker after all. I’ll post one anyways tomorrow or Monday – an equipment enchanting script – once it’s completed. For now, let’s speak eroge.

I had planned to start this VN for quite a while but still needed to finish Josou Sanmyaku first. You know, the “Trap Heaven” game.

For those who have never heard of this before, it’s a Western visual novel and its birthplace is more or less 4chan. You shouldn’t let this bother you, though. It’s good. Like, really good. The story revolves around Hisao, a high school student with a heart defect (most likely, Long QT syndrome) who ends up transferring to a school for disabled people. He’s very bitter about it though he ends up making friends… and more.

The game is freeware and you can download it here:

I just finished Emi’s route, so it’s the one I’m going to rant about now.

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