RGSS2 Scripts

The list of all my old scripts for RPG Maker VX, which have been lost when CODE::RAIN went down.

Actor-dependant Enemy Stats
This script was originally made for Demonfire94, and makes the parameters of the enemies based on the parameters of a certain actor.

AI Packages
A compilation of AI scripts allowing your enemies to be less stupid. It’s not the ultimate panacea but it works.

Graphics Slider
Easy-to-use scripting utility to move sprites and windows around.

Intelligent Attacks
Grants to skills the property to check their target’s status resistance and apply the most effective one. It’s mostly designed for enemy-only skills but it works for player skills too if you need it for some reason.

Magic Weapons
Gives your weapons a chance to unleash a magical attack instead of the normal attack. Works with GubiD Tactical Battle System as well.

Mimics (bad pun intended) the Mime job from Final Fantasy V, where the Attack command becomes Mimic, copying the last performed action.

Multiple Airships
Originally requested by press336, this little script allows you to use several airships. You will need Call Script event commands to manage them so be careful.


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