Eric is the new Dark King!

Destroy those puny wisps with the power of darkness! (insert evil laugh)

This script idea has been given to me by Seiryuki, and retrospectively, it’s pretty much the same as Shanghai’s Wereforms for RMVX. It allows a character to use a skill to “scan” a target and if successful, transform into said target via a second skill. Additionally, you can set the system so your first skill needs to kill the target in order to learn the transformation.


Morphing requires three skills, one state, and of course enemies.

Scanning phase

Scan example

Why hello Dark King. Surely you don't mind me copying your powers?

Scanning an enemy is done via a skill. It doesn’t needs to deal damage – actually it doesn’t need to do anything at all, as long as it targets the enemy. Puts this inside the notebox:
In the event you want to learn new forms upon killing the target with your skill, go to the script config section and change this constant to true.
Obviously, your skill must be able to damage (or outright kill at least) if you decide to use this option.

Morphing phase

Morph List

You can change the icon used for the list in the script config.

The actual transformation requires another skill, as well as a state, which is used for various detection purposes. The only requirement for the state is the following tag:
That being said, consider that the enemies’ skill categories are the same as the actors, so it might be a good idea to add more skill slots in the state, unless you want such a restriction to apply.

The skill itself has to target the user (or, why not, another actor) and has to be tagged to be usable. Put the following tag in the notebox:
It’s important to remember that a state is used, so don’t forget to make the morphing skill apply the state, m’kay?

Revert phase

A special reversal skill is automatically added to the monster’s action list. It doesn’t have to be tagged, but it has two other requirements:

  • Remove the morphing state.
  • The ID of the skill must be set in the config section of the script.

Optional settings

It is possible that you don’t want a certain enemy to be transformed into. In this case, just add a special tag into said enemy’s notebox:

If you look at the first picture displayed on this page, you will see that Eric took the face of the Dark King upon morphing into him. This is done by tagging the original enemy:
<morph_facename: string>
<morph_faceindex: x>

Dark King example

Dark King's faceset options.

And this is it. And thank Seiryuki for giving to me the idea. Hopefully you will find this useful~

  1. I didn’t know Shanghai had a similar script. I could’ve incorporated it into my gameplay when I was working in RMVX.

    Anyways, your programming skills are amazing and it looks fantastic! Great scripting as always. I’ll take a much deeper look into it when I get a chance.

    I had never planned to use this idea in an RPG Maker, but I just thought I mentioned it to you to see if you could do it……and you did!

    Thanks so much! ❤

  2. With this mechanic, it is possible to bring forth a game solely based on it.

    Nice work.

  3. I don’t understand this script…
    It’s very hard…
    Can you post a demo?

    P.S. Your script are ever very beautiful,but hard…if you put a demo il will be so easy to use for all…
    I want use you scripts in my project but,please,post a demo!

  4. Is there a script call we could use in an event to add an enemy id to the morph list?

  5. well ive got a small demo that has morph working i made it to test the morph script so if anyone is having troubles then feel free to use

  6. SirCumferance

    I was wondering, is it possible to just add a monster through a script command, I want one of the actors to be a werewolf (a few different types) , but not have to fight them to become them.

    • SirCumferance

      And of course, I actually read the previous posts and feel foolish. Kread, thank you.

  7. Hi Kread I have been trying to use your scprit along with Chain skills and skill fusions but i can make morphing work with them. Any tips?

  8. Des_Myrmidon

    I’m planning on having a Witch boss in one of my games that turns characters into frogs, pigs, cows, etc. I’d like, ideally, to make it states, and static stats (so all cows are equal, rather than making stat boosts/drops) Can I use this script for that?

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