Variable Cover Rates

This small script was originally requested by Nessiah. By using it, you’ll be able to assign variable HP conditions for the Cover/Substitute trait when applied to states (instead of the default 25%).


Just enter <target hp: n%> in the notebox of the state. If the state has a Cover trait, it’ll use it instead of the default 25%.

Should go below Yanfly’s Ace Core Engine and Ace Battle Engine.

  1. Is there a way to also cover only selected characters an to set characters who would not alow others to cover them, too?
    I hope it’s not too hard to understand what i want to express ^^”

  2. well..a little doubt… to make an absolute cover? I mean, set n as 100 only means any amount of HP approaching 100 rather than equal…which means this cover can’t work in the very beginning with team of full HP, is there a way changing <into ≤? thanks

  3. oppps,,I mean ..I know it can block magic and so it’s ridiculously powerful, is there any way to set it only for single and physical dmg?

    • See the line 149 of my script? It should be this:

      target.hp < target.mhp * hp_target && (!item || !item.certain)

      Replace it with this:

      target.hp < target.mhp * hp_target && (!item || (item.physical? && item.for_one?))

  4. Genius! oh, this sentence works in battle_scene rather than this cover script
    all done, many thanks!

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