RGSS Scripts

The list of all my old scripts for RPG Maker XP, which have been lost when CODE::RAIN went down.

Absolute Defense
My very first script, therefore its compatibility is low. It enables enemies to use a force field to negate damage under a certain threshold. The force field can replenish itself at a fixed interval.

AI Packages
A compilation of AI scripts allowing your enemies to be less stupid. It’s not the ultimate panacea but it works.

Animation Converter
A small utility to convert VX animations to XP animations.

Ar Tonelico Battle System
A battle system inspired from the first Ar Tonelico game on the PlayStation 2. I was supposed to upgrade it but finally, I won’t. May eventually be revived with Vx Ace or not, time will tell heh. If I end up brutally murdered, it means Skie Fortress read that.

Extended Random Encounters
Another GUST-ish feature enhancing a bit the random encounters: you can have a maximum number of battles in an area and visually display the probability to trigger the battle. Here are the two sample pictures; they suck so make your own heh.

Funny Party Changer
Simple part managing system allowing full body character graphic and let them say something.

Graphics Slider
Easy-to-use scripting utility to move sprites and windows around.

Intelligent Attacks
Grants to skills the property to check their target’s status resistance and apply the most effective one. It’s mostly designed for enemy-only skills but it works for player skills too if you need it for some reason.

Quest Board
This isn’t a script but an event system but I put it here to avoid making a category for one single thing. In any case, this is a guild board when you can select quests. Nothing too fancy, I assure you.

This cryptic name hides a small scripting utility allowing you to encrypt your additional files (text files or .rb files) within the RGSS archive and use them during the game.

  1. I have a strange issue with Extended Random Encounters. When a map’s encounters are depleted and the circle becomes empty, after a number of steps (it varies, it might be related to the random battles “steps average”) the game stops recognizing any button input other than the directional keys (the hero can move around, but the menu doesn’t work, and you can’t interact with events, not even on-touch ones. On test mode, F9 doesn’t bring up the switches and variables either). In other words, although the script prevents more battles from occurring it also makes the game unplayable.

    Is there a fix for this? If you can’t find the time to revise such an old script, I’ll understand.

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry for troubling you. First I want to say that I love all of your work. This is some of the best scripts I’ve seen for XP.
    Anyway, I would like to use the Ar Tonelico script in a game, but I would like to do so without the harmony bar or the reyvetail system. I already know how to remove the reyvetail and how to place a “normal” character in the 4th slot, but the harmo bar remains. It slowly fills up, and in long battles it will activate and let players use the harmo skill. Because the reyvetail variables have not been initialized, the game crashes when players cast the harmo skill.
    I know the easy way is to just remove the harmo skill, which I have done, but then the harmo bar is still there filling up and being pretty much useless. Is there any way to remove it through the script? (best I have come up with so far is to replace the graphic files with empty files, but the functioning is still there – any way of shutting the function itself off?)

    Thanks for your time!

  3. Hi everyone, I donwloaded the sprite-slider script, and when I press F12 to quit the testing, an error shows up: “stack level too deep” referred to line 171
    (” kread_slide_sprite_init(viewport) # Original call “). If I quit the game normally (by the menu) the error doesn’t show up, but, since I don’t know if it will affect the game, is there a way to fix the thing? Thank you

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