A random day in Kread’s life:

  • Start to work on my game.
  • Realize I don’t have any motivation.
  • Genius idea: “Oh, what if I hack the editor so every time I hit the “Save” button, it makes a backup before saving?”
  • Realize it’s illegal and that I won’t be able to distribute it and that I can’t be bothered to put the effort in this case.
  • “Fuck it, I’ll make a script instead.”

And there you have it (though I don’t mind making the actual editor modification if I get permission for it). This script makes a backup of your data files -and optionally graphic files- every time you test play the project, but only if changes were made.
Additionally, you can also make a unique backup to your Dropbox folder (or just any folder, really) by hitting a hotkey during play. Unlike the automatic one, this backup will overwrite the old files. Of course, the script only copies the files with changes.


The actual configuration is pretty much commented enough, but keep certain things in mind:

  • You can disable the autobackup and only keep the hotkey.
  • The default hotkey folder is your home folder (C:\Users\You) so the path given is relative to this.
  • It doesn’t HAVE to be Dropbox, it can be a random folder.
  • Backing up is a time-consuming process. It’s handled in another thread (the hotkey backup at least) but rapid-fire the hotkey isn’t a good idea.

Bug reports or suggestions are welcome.

  1. Update: I changed the comparison method for the hotkey backup in order to greatly speed up the process.

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