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Animated Battlers Update

Hi everyone Archeia here!

Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the page for Animated Battlers because of limited permissions. I just hope that people won’t miss this post. Here’s Animated Battlers Version 1.09, for a list of updates, here’s what we have:

  • Anti-Lag implemented. Depending on how intensive animations can be for enemies, the game could lag.
  • Enemies attacking too fast, now they have been slowed down a bit to be in time with damage popups.
  • After a pose’s animation, change to a specific animation. E.g. After hitting a skill, make them go back to idle pose immediately. This can be achieved by adding ToAnimationID (e.g. To111) on the animation’s name in the database editor.
  • Show a Damage Pop-up on a specific frame #  by adding <damage at: n> at the skill notetag.
  • Jump to target tag by adding <jump to target> at the skill notetag.

I…think that’s mostly it. It’s been a while since we implemented this fixes so I don’t remember how some of the functions work aside from a few notes here and there, Kread hasn’t been around so there won’t be any fixes, probably, but feel free to report some! Just make sure to follow this format:

  • Description of the bug. Make sure to note HOW it happens and try to emulate it as much as possible.
  • List of scripts used. This is important! If you use Victor’s scripts, then it’s a given the scripts won’t work due to low compatibility.
  • Did you test it in a fresh new project? If no, then try at a new project first.
  • Did you load a save and encountered the bug there? If yes, then start a new game and see if the problem persists.
  • Did you check Yanfly’s Core first for bug fixes list? Is the bug mentioned there? If yes, then grab that script.
  • Did you read the features of the script first before assuming it’s not working like what you thought it would? If no, then read.
  • Did you try putting the script above/below other/certain scripts first? Give it a try, it might just fix it.
  • Give us a demo if possible. No need for the entire game, but just the area where it bugs out.

Hopefully this will make the bug fixing easier for everyone.



Couple of script updates done lately:

Animated Battlers – v1.08

  • Bug fixes involving dual wielding animation.
  • Guard animation: takes priority over usual state animations so it doesn’t get overridden except if the character dies. Use the guard: anim_id notetag in the animation block to define it.
  • Linked animations: this has been requested by Nessiah and allows you to make one animation switch to another one upon completion. Put ToXXX in the animation’s name where XXX is the second animaton ID. Currently this only works for skill casting however.

Conditioned Traits – v1.05
At thechancellor’s request, added a switch condition on equipment.

Plane – v1.01
Added a compatibility fix with Yanfly’s Parallax Lock.

And that’s all for this time. For those wondering what Yanfly is doing, he’s currently reveling in his Yu-Gi-Oh addiction, trying to convert other players to the POWER OF TESTOSTERONE.

His channel.

Animated Battlers Update

Making a post for this because there are new instructions I want to highlight. Animated Battlers has been updated to version 1.04. Here are the changes:

Compatibility with modern algebra’s Flash Selected Enemy
Make sure his script is located above this one.

Cell limitation
This is just a basic way to limit lag a bit. By default, an animation uses 16 cells. If you don’t plan to use that many for your battler animations, you can lower the MAX_FRAMES value in the configuration. Less sprites will be created and disposed as a result.

State animations
You can now assign animations to states. They will replace the standing anim and are sorted by state priority. Use the following tag in the animation block to enable them:
state: state_id, animation_id
You can put more than one tag and you can also put several state_id, animation_id pairs.

Y offset
As it has been requested, you can now alter the vertical position of the battler when it moves toward the target. Alter to your liking the MOVEMENT_Y_OFFSET value in the configuration part of the script. Now you can use the <move_to_target> tag a bit differently:
<move_to_target: x>
x can be any value, positive or negative which will be multiplied by the offset. If you decide to use the old tag, the offset will just be set to 0.

Symphony compatibility
First, make sure to put Animated Battlers below Symphony. Now, make sure to understand the following:

  • The actors positions are defined by Symphony. It’s useless to input them in Animated Battlers.
  • <move_to_target> is disabled, you have to use Symphony’s movement sequences.
  • A few Symphony tags are disabled, such as teleport and afterimage. Those are to be mimicked with the animation itself –you can have it both ways.

Normally, the other tags should work. If they don’t and if it’s a compatibility that can be fixed without rewriting too much of the script, I’ll do it.