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A little utility to make you wait

I said I would update the alchemy script today but it’s so damn complicated it will take me a bit more time. Sorry. To make you wait, here’s a small script: Cutscene Skipper. It is used to, well, skip cutscenes by pressing a hotkey.

On other news, I resigned from my admin position over at RPG Revolution. Sorry for the few members who still frequent the site but you won’t see me active there anymore. Because I know how RRR has a drama center reputation and how remaining staff members will be accused of various bullshit concerning the matter, I’ll explain why: I couldn’t stand being staff in a forum owned by iEntry any longer. Their lack of cooperation for any sizable project completely sapped my motivation especially considering the hours of work I’ve put daily in the website for two years.
I’ll give credit to Bryan Young, our main interlocutor, because he did try his best within the limits imposed by the company policy and managed to remain always friendly, something I really can’t say about his boss.

Oceans Dream released a roguelike! It’s called Mont Asall and is made with RMVX for a contest over at RMN. It gives me strong GameBoy Color vibes and I’ll definitely give it a try as soon as I have more time.


Sandal would like to make an announcement


He does.

I’ve made an enchantment script. It isn’t perfect, but I like to think of it as the child of Alchemic Synthesis and Grathnode Install. Check it out if you’re interested~

  • Nessiah released Natalie’s bust shots! As usual, her work is top quality.
  • Erangot is having fun with Happy Field’s new Decoration script.
  • You probably noticed already but Noob closed down the RPG Maker Rage comics. I found them entertaining most of the time so I think it sucks.

EXP Stuff

Mook to Godhood

I’ve written two small scripts related to experience and both have been requested by people. EXP Bag, requested by Tobyej, allows you to make your skills or items give EXP points. EXP Decay is, as the title implies, pretty much the same as Skill Decay but with experience. Basically, the more you kill an enemy, the less experience you’ll get. Time to go train elsewhere, champ!

Other interesting news: