Multiple Skill Types

Since Seiryuki had a lot of good ideas, let’s start with that one.

This script allows you to assign more than one skill type to, well, a skill. It’s very self-explanatory and therefore, a screenshot isn’t really useful.
The advantage of this is to allow an actor with a different command to use the same skill. Additionally, if one of the types is sealed, the skill will be unusable no matter how many different types are set.


You just need to put <new_skilltypes: x> in the skill notebox, x representing the ID of the type. If you add more than one additional type, just separate them with commas.

Compatibility notes
Nothing noted so far, but this script overwrite the include? method of the Window_SkillList class. It does work with the Grathnode Install system.


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. Yikes! I’m so terribly sorry. This was requested a while back on and someone (FenixFyreX) replied to the post yesterday. He didn’t solve it, but it helped me to do it myself.

    But that’s okay, maybe I’ll a bit more about ruby by comparing it with yours. And yours may have less compatibility issues.

  2. It really doesn’t matter anyways. You gave me lots of ideas, and I’m thankful for that.

    • Cool. Btw, I’ll use this script instead of updating the one I did because yours will definitely be better,…..and because you mentioned me in the script ^_^

      Thank you! Great work!

  3. Awesome script! This helps fix the default Ace silence bug! Thank you so much!

    • There’s a silence bug?

      • Kind of. I was thinking in more specific terms than the default. The default Silence State just seals the Magic Skill slot. In VX, it would seal anything that uses magic. so by having a Special skill thats for a samurai that is a sword skill that attacks MP instead of HP and is labled as a magical attack instead of a physical attack, either you spend all day sealing each individual skills that use mana or are a magical attack, or put them all in one Skill Type and multitype the skills into wherever they need to go. That way that Actor cant use any magical abilites under any of his/her choices whe he/she is silenced.

  4. For some reason, this script won’t work.
    I’m putting the note tag into the skill’s note box.
    “” Since I want it to be both Green Magic and White Magic. Green being skill type 3 and White being 4. But when I tried it out, it doesn’t show up in either of those categories in battle.

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