Shop Clouts

In-game Example

Obviously this sword must be very manly too.

A system inspired by the PS2 remake of Romancing SaGa. It allows you to create a network of shops belonging to the same group. Repeatedly shopping in one specific group raises your client level, which may drive shopkeepers to sell better items to you.


1. Determine shop membership
To determine which clout the shop belongs to, you must add a “token” to the list of goods. The token is a dummy item which will not appear in the shop menu. It must be note-tagged like this:
<shop_clout: string>
string is an internal name and will never be displayed. The token item name however, will be displayed in the menu.

Database Example

This method might appear unorthodox, and probably really is. I merely found it more practical than enter all the information in a script call.

2. Tag high-level items
You need to tag items which can’t be sold unless a certain client level is attained. To do this, you have to enter this in the item’s notebox:
<clout_level: x>

3. Alter the EXP list
In the script configuration, just below the header, you can find the EXP list. It represents the gold you have to spend before gaining a client level and is shared by every clout. Its size automatically determine the maximum level that can be attained.

Compatibility notes
Works with Yanfly’s Ace Shop Options, like the screenshot above might indicate you. Of course, this script needs to be place below Yanfly’s.

  1. When I use your script it allows me to purchase items when I don’t have the money for them. I’m using it in conjunction with Yanfly’s Ace Shop Options. Thought I’d bring this to your attention

  2. v1.02 – Fixed compatibility with White Devil’s Synthesis.

  3. Kjelfalconer

    Hmmm… From my testing, it seems the game crashes if you buy something from a shop with no clout. It only does it if there’s no clout though, and the error takes me to the point in the script where it stores how much is spent, so as far as I can tell it’s still trying to add the value on to a variable which does not in fact exist.;

    • By definition, if you are using this script, every shop has a clout, even if it’s a unique one. Don’t use it otherwise.

    • try adding this line:
      alias_method(:krx_sclout_ss_buy, :do_buy)
      def do_buy(number)
      gold_spent = number * buying_price
      clout = $game_party.shop_clouts[@sym]
      return if clout == nil #<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<this line
      clout[1] += gold_spent
      for i in 1…KRX::Shop_Levels_List.size
      if (@shop_lv – 1) = KRX::Shop_Levels_List[@shop_lv-1]
      clout[0] += 1
      @shop_lv += 1

  4. It seems that I was able to buy high clout items without the right level. The only script I have that affects the shop is Yanfly’s shop options and I see no reason why any of the other cripts would clash with this one.

      • I think I’m having the same problem. I make the dummy item (which works fine and shows the proper name and level in the shop) but when you tag an item with ” it shows up and you can buy it right away. I’ve tried tagging it with different levels but with no luck, you can still buy it as long as you have enough money.

        • I meant “clout_level: x” (with the < symbols)

          • I figured it out (and I feel stupid now). When you tag an item with clout_level: x, the level has to have a 0 in front of it if it’s a single digit level. So instead of clout_level: 3, it must be clout_level: 03. So thank you Kread-EX for this awesome script 🙂

  5. Very cool, I’ll definitely have to play around with this…when I get done with Xenoblade and can focus on making a game again… >->

  6. Hi Kread-EX,
    could you enhance this script adding the possibility to create different level request for different clouts?
    (E.G. a potion in clout A needs lv.0 while in clout B needs lv.2)
    And also (I think it’s easier) could you add some message when you increase your customer level?

  7. How did you make the states of the blade invisible as when I do it onlyy blocks the fact of buying the item ^^

  8. Yes I am I am able to use the script but i do not want to schow items with states but can not be used or even hid them total would be an option.

  9. You must correct the sell window size, because it collide with the clout window

  10. Is there a way to pass the clout level as a variable. As in, if your clout was high enough, different conversations could be expressed?

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