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Shameless plug lol

Erangot is a nice artist I’ve commissioned in the past. She’s looking to raise a bit of money currently by taking, well, more commissions. Go a take a look, please~
She doesn’t work very quickly, but is conciliate and ridiculously under-priced (so feel free to pay more than her rate if you can).

Her DA:

And yes, that is all. No script. Sorry ;__;


Happy birthday Skie!

I think this is an appropriate cake.

The rest of the post is not related to you, but this had to be said =D

I’ve written an ammo script (again, inspiration goes to Seiryuki). Brace yourselves for the most ridiculous title ever.

Other RM news:

  • Yanfly’s Debug Extension: if you don’t have it yet, grab it now. It may not be flashy, but this will raise your debugging efficiency a lot. Area of Effect is nice too.
  • Moghunter updated his Picture Gallery script. Pretty useful if you have a lot of custom art. Note that it has a very distinct UI, like all his scripts so, for consistency’s sake, don’t use it out-of-the-box with Yanfly’s menu or any other.
  • Pacman created a menu system based on graphic customization. Simplistic display, ring display, your call.
  • Ramiro released a simplistic status window (for battles) inspired from Mother 3 with a bit of Devil Survivor influence as well. Simplicity is good, sometimes.
  • Yami released a FFX-type CTB. He says it’s a beta so don’t hesitate to report bugs to him.
  • EvilEagles sprited a drunkard. I laughed a bit when I noticed the guy can hiccup and fall asleep…

This is unrelated, but Teloch over at stated that Moretsu Pirates was the best anime of this season. So I started to watch it, and I have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining so far. Being a fan of May in Guilty Gear probably helps~
That being said, the ending song is performed by Momoiro Clover Z and well, it’s strangely addicting.

Don’t you think there’s a little something Ar Tonelico-ish in that song?

Two videos in one post OTL

Difficult script, I’d say

Ok, to bury the worthless and basically content-free post about traps I’ve made two days ago, post which, surprisingly, garnered more comments than most of the scripts (yeah guys, you’re officially as much as perverts as me), here’s another script, based on an idea formulated by Ravenith (woah, what a convoluted sentence this was): Item Charges.


As the name implies, it confers charges to items. It’s compatible with Actor Inventory, in a very experimental fashion: because of the way the Actor Inventory works, functionality is ensured by forbidding item stacking and treating all items with charges as duplicates. It causes a few problems and it’d be nice if the most knowledgeable of you, including Lowell (especially Lowell) test it out and give me their verdict on the implementation. I’m looking at you Lowell, because you mentioned such a feature for the Alchemy script and if it works here, I’ll implement it there.

I probably should give you some news on other blogs, but I’m going to bed now, so no. Here, take a Beryl.