The Glimmer is a rather awkward (at first) skill learning system used by the SaGa games. The base concept is simple: when a character attacks an enemy of sufficient power, he or she can have some sort of epiphany and “spark” a new skill. Not only the skill is learnt, but also used right away in place of the attack, even if the character wouldn’t be able to use it in normal conditions. This is what this script is about.

Glimmer in game.

Hawke's face not included.


The system is set up in a giant notetag within the enemies’ noteboxes, with several sub tags within. Don’t worry, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds and here is an example.
Glimmer notetags
<glimmer: 1> - Actor ID. The following data concerns Eric.
<ID: 14, 15> - Skill IDs. The skills that are sparked.
<%: 100, 40> - Chance to spark. The order must match the skill ID. However, if it doesn't, the last number entered is used for subsequent skills.
<sparkers: 1, 8> - The skills which allows a glimmer to occur. In this case, normal attack and Giant's Rampage.
</glimmer> - End tag. Mandatory.

Compatibility notes
Works with Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine and with my Skill Fusions. The glimmers take precedence over the fusions but do not cancel them. If, for some reason, your sparked skill is eligible to fusion, you will end up with a glimmered fusion. I’m not sure if it’s rad or over the top though.


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  1. Oi, Kreaddy beat me to it, I was gonna start work on this once I got the full version of Ace D:

    Oh well, I’ll still give it a shot, but until then… “swipes”

  2. Hey, this is pretty interesting! πŸ™‚ Good job!

  3. This is really nice! Any way to change the text to something other than glimmer though?

  4. Hmm… Now I can haves fun adding in attacks such as Heavy Attack (chance to stun woot!) learned from hitting big soldiers when using normal attacks.

  5. After looking at the script I noticed that it was setup in a totally different way than how it’s setup normally.

    • What do you mean?

      • The way skills are glimmered in the actual game are dependant on multiple factors mostly. It’s usually based on the type of weapon being used, the users affinity to the skill/weapon, the enemies level, and what skill is being used. I think the most info I got on this was from studying the SaGa Frontier Formula’s, and Minstrel’s Song I think added another layer with weapons style and classes.

        • Oh that’s what you meant. To be honest, I pretty much did it from memory. I plan to implement a Disgaea type weapon mastery and make the glimmer depend on weapon mastery as well.

  6. infamous bon bon

    Nice. I wanted to have as many systems as possible for learning new skills in different ways because learning is a big theme in almost all project ideas I have. This one will be used most definitely.

  7. Felt like sharing with you: you got linked to from one of the JP boards~

  8. Could this be added to weapons/armors/accessories?
    It would be pretty fun to be able to do that also.

  9. The Romancing SaGa series are some of my most beloved games. I’m tempted to be a “horrible” game designer and include this script “just because”.

  10. Malzahar2100

    I’m a fan of this type of skill learning, and I would really enjoy using this script, but it seems to keep crashing on me (even in a blank project). I can glimmer a skill just fine, but if I attempt to use the “sparking tech” or the new skill after the glimmer has occurred, it crashes and gives me this error:

    Script ‘Glimmer’ line 210: ArgumentError occurred.
    comparison of Fixnum with nil failed.

    Any ideas?

  11. Anyways to add a lighbulb animation on top of the battler like saga styles? ;D

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  13. ΰΉ‡Hey thanks for the script.

    Is there anyway to make the Glimmer use skill or weapon notetag instead of enemy.
    like when you use this skill it has a chance to unleash new skill :Z

    and how to add animation when you Glimmer! just like Yunus said .____.

    Is this script still updating ? please help!

  14. Wow! I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for this. Finally I can create my RMVX Ace Game properly!
    One question though: Is it capable of using variables to activate the Glimmer effect? For Example, The PC has a skill level with the use of fire skills at a level of 7, and has his stone skill level at 4. There is a specific skill that can be Glimmer’d if a CoS variable, along with the Fire and Earth skill levels, meets the required value and then activated in battle.
    Is this possible, with variables and/or script?

  15. Amir Clayton

    Have any plans to make this an MV plugin?

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